As we’ve shown in the previous installments of this series, Xink is a powerful email signature management tool. It is available across multiple devices, can be accessed via a browser-based interface, and provides numerous options for setting customer user rules. Xink is also designed to give an administrator control over an entire department or company in order to precisely manage the email signatures which are being sent out by an organization. For this reason, our email signature creator enables you to designate user roles.

Our Email Signature Creator Lets You Designate User Roles

You can tailor Xink to be as inclusive or exclusive as you would like. If you value your team’s input, Xink makes it easy to include team members in the process. Whether you are seeking aid in the design of email signatures, or would like help managing email signature campaigns and rules, Xink allows you to do just that.

With our admin controls, you can grant multiple people administrator privileges to help with your company’s email signature branding initiatives. You can even involve the IT team in the proceedings if you would like, though we have built Xink in such a way that IT support is not required to get up and running. Finally, it’s worth noting there are no extra charges for additional administrator accounts. Our email signature creator and management tool is built with your needs in mind.

Even More Reasons to Choose Xink

Xink lets you designate user roles, share administrative privileges, and solicit the help you need to properly manage your company’s email signature campaigns. See for yourself what Xink makes possible. Sign up for a free trial offer.

To learn more about Xink or speak with someone on our team, get in touch today!