In many cases, an email signature that is appropriate for one employee might not be for another. A CEO may want to link to his or her Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts because those accounts would be tied to the company’s brand identity itself, but nobody wants someone’s cat-dominated Instagram connected to that same brand in an email signature.

And then there’s the decision of if a company should force employees to share their social media or photograph. This is why the best email signatures come with a little bit of flexibility and employee choice, while still maintaining branding.

Due to popular demand, Xink now offers a way for employees to customize part of their email signatures, without going wild and messing with your brand identity.

Taking Advantage of Our Email Signature Options

This is an example of a typical modern email signature”


You’ll see that it has everything:

The only thing that is missing is the proverbial kitchen sink. But what if the email signature above is a bit on the heavy-handed side for someone within the lower ranks of your company? What if Don doesn’t do social media? What can you, as a business owner or marketing manager, do about it? We have the answer.

The Solution is in the Details

Below is a screenshot of Xink’s Settings page. It allows for multiple changes to a person’s contact details. Immediately, you can see that it contains several important fields, including a placeholder for a personal photo. If the Xink Administrator in charge of managing and overseeing the Xink platform within your organization wants to, he or she can make these fields editable by the individual end user. Ultimately, the Xink Admin still maintains control. The purpose of this feature is to let you allow users to decide what specific content they want in their email signatures. After all, at the end of the day, we want the email signature options available to a user to be flexible and personal.


Let’s see how someone may customize this same signature. The first thing you will notice is that the user has decided to add his headshot. With the Upload button, this step is quick and painless. Below the photo box, you will see a number of other options. Here, we can see that the user has opted to include his cell phone number and standard telephone number, as well as a LinkedIn icon (with corresponding link).


What does the end result look like? Clicking all of those boxes, the signature might look like it does below:


You can see that the LinkedIn icon has been added to the signature (in our original email signature example seen above, the LinkedIn icon is missing), along with both telephone numbers. The display banner is also absent. In this case, because the “Show this banner” option in the Settings was left unmarked, there is no banner beneath the social links. Let’s say you want your standard telephone number listed but not your cell phone number? What would that look like? Simple — see for yourself!


Now let’s strip the signature down even further. With the many email signature options that Xink provides, individuals can just as easily take items away as they can add them (once again, assuming that you as the Xink Administrator have granted such specific privileges). What would this same signature look like if the bio photo and LinkedIn icon were removed, and the standard telephone number were swapped for a cell phone number?


Voila! But let’s say that someone finds the email signature above to be a bit too boring. Can they spruce it up again? Of course. Adding a bio photo to the sparse signature above is easy enough. Users simply have to navigate to Settings, as seen above, and upload a bio photo. Such an email signature might look like the one below.


And if the end user wants to include a banner with his or her email signature? They can simply choose an option from the “Show this banner” dropdown menu, under Settings. For example, in the signature below, we have swapped out our dark blue banner (see our original signature above) for our Rubik’s Cube banner.


With Xink, the options for customization are nearly limitless.

Xink: Flexible, Personal, and Highly Customizable

Our email signature options provide your team members with the flexibility and personalization they need to properly communicate with peers and clients alike. Uniformity in email signatures is important, as it reinforces branding identity and puts forth a professional image, but, as we have found, no two individuals are the same. For this reason, it makes sense to allow some flexibility in individual email signatures. So long as the key elements are in place, why not allow your employees to pick and choose what they include in their signatures? With Xink’s email signature options, doing so is quick and easy.

Dig into how to have IT code these staff email customizations in this Knowledge Base article.