Adding a Personal Email Signature Photo

Your email signature is valuable real estate. We believe strongly in this at Xink; so strongly, in fact, that our platform has been designed and tailored around this concept. Our goal is to help your company leverage its emails for branding, marketing, promotions, outreach and more. But ultimately, we believe that your email signatures can benefit more than just your business – it can be of benefit to your employees and clients as well. And one way to do this is with a personalized email signature photo.

A personal email signature photo can help your team form an invaluable human connection with your customers, clients, peers, business partners, and other email recipients. Without a photo, you and your team members are faceless entities on the other side of an email message. And with email and instant message becoming the go-to forms of communication, there’s less and less opportunity to form a relationship over the phone. So what’s the next best thing? A personal photo in your email signature.

The benefits are many, and include:

See for yourself the difference a personal photo can make in an email signature. Compare this rather stale and impersonal email signature with one featuring a personal photo.

An email signature without a personalized photoAn email signature photo

You can judge for yourself, of course, but we think the benefits are plainly evident. So, how do you add a personal photo to your email signature? Well, with Xink, it’s a breeze. Check it out.

A Personal Email Signature Photo in 3 Steps

We make adding a personal photo to your email signature quick and easy. Better yet, Xink greatly reduces the likelihood of your photo becoming corrupted on the way, for better deliverability results. To add your email signature photo, simply:

  1. Take a new photo or choose an existing one
  2. Add the photo to your email signature using the Xink signature template
  3. Save and publish!

Xink's email signature template

It’s that easy. If you have photos stored in Active Directory, they will be added to your email signature automatically. This may be particularly beneficial if you want to include personal email signature photos for all of your employees, and you have their photos already on file.

Stop Sending Emails Incognito!

An email signature photo can turn a bad email signature into a decent one, and transform a good email signature into one that is brilliant and memorable. Having an email signature photo isn’t a requirement, and perhaps shouldn’t even be your first priority – you may want to leverage that real estate for campaigns and promotions first – but if you have the photos and the real estate, why not take advantage of personalized email signature photos? Your recipients will love them, and they’ll help your company form lasting relationships, too. Stop being anonymous and start forming relationships today.