Xink benefits

You may be asking yourself why your organization should invest in Xink and what are Xink benefits. The easy answer to “what are Xink benefits”, of course, is that because our Email Signature Management benefits are numerous and proven. With this easily implemented, Cloud-based tool, your business can create, share, and manage email signatures, company-wide. Though you may think this is trivial, we assure you it’s not. Through email signature management, you can enforce and control brand consistency, voice, and promotional efforts across your entire organization. In the process, make a positive and lasting impression on your entire network of contacts. So the Xink benefits are obvious.

What is Xink?

Xink is a comprehensive email signature management and campaign tool. It has been developed to help small and large organizations alike maintain company-wide control over branding, marketing, email signatures, and email-based marketing campaigns. Easy to implement and use, it’s powerful, intuitive, and effective. Don’t let your voice get lost in the wind any longer… For many businesses, there is no more prolific message than that which is contained in the many hundreds and thousands of emails sent out on a daily basis. Remember: advertisements cost money but emailing people is free.

Designed with Marketers in Mind

We developed Xink to help marketers reach out and promote their brand – quickly, easily, and effectively. We know that enforcing brand consistency can be difficult. This is doubly true for organizations that have experienced rapid growth. With Xink, maintaining brand consistency in voice and tone, and deploying offers and promotions, is made easy. How? Because Xink allows businesses to leverage their email signatures for marketing purposes. Think of your emails not merely as a forms of communication, but as a marketing initiative.

Xink’s email signature control allows marketers to centrally manage campaigns embedded in hundreds and thousands of emails. They are sent out every single day to a vast network of contacts – business associates, potential customers, existing customers, and more. With uniform and consistent email campaigns and signatures, marketers can drive traffic and quality conversions by utilizing an existing outreach channel. And they can do so cheaply.

Is Xink Right for You?

Easily implemented, Cloud-based, incredibly affordable, easy to use, and effective… what more could you want? Xink Brand and Xink Campaign represent the easiest and most effective way to enforce and maintain consistency of brand and message across your organization. If that’s important to you, then Xink is right for you! The Xink benefits should be obvious.