The new Xink user interface

Today, we are proud to announce that we have launched a completely new user interface to our cloud solution, XINK.
In order to ensure that the interface is optimized for our users’ needs, we have been working on it for quite a long time; in fact, it is the result of many years’ interaction with our customers, partners and resellers.

To get the full XINK experience, of course, we recommend that you sign up for a demo and see for yourself all that it has to offer. However, for your convenience, let us take you through 5 of the most important improvements right here.

Let Us Introduce You: Xink Campaign and Xink Brand

In 2014, we launched both XINK BRAND and XINK CAMPAIGN solutions. The purpose of XINK CAMPAIGN is to make email signature management quick and easy for marketers. It accomplishes this by giving you, the marketing professional, the tools you need to measure the effectiveness of your email signature campaigns, including impressions, openings, and anything else you may need to measure.
Of course, it also enables you to create your first email signature campaign and then go from there. Whatever your intentions or needs may be, it can help. All of this is made possible through our XINK CAMPAIGN dashboard, which is targeted towards marketers first (and to a lesser extent, the IT crowd too). It’s intuitive, easy, and effective, allowing you to take charge of your email signature management.

We designed our XINK CAMPAIGN solution with marketers’ needs in mind, because we know that the IT guys are usually the ones who do all of the initial setup work. We wanted to change that. However, we also wanted to ensure that there was a tool available for those IT Guys who were interested in keeping their fingers dirty even after the initial rollout – but how? Enter XINK BRAND.

With a special dashboard designed specifically for IT professionals (and a little bit for marketers, but not much), our BRAND solution is a powerful tool. Though many of the fundamental components are carried over from our CAMPAIGN platform, XINK BRAND allows more experienced professionals to make full use of their abilities. It is robust and comprehensive, while still being easy to use. We think your IT team will appreciate the difference.

So we made two separate interfaces to target two different audiences with two separate needs. Let’s take a look at them.

The Xink Campaign Dashboard

We’ve made an awesome tool for marketers! Not only is it possible to add campaigns to the email signature, schedule them, and add them selectively, but it is now possible to track the openings, number of clicks, and identify the top performing campaign – and even track senders!


Look at this example of a XINK CAMPAIGN dashboard. It shows that in the selected period from November 2, 2014 to February 2, 2015, there were 67,687 openings/impressions, which means that emails sent in this period were viewed 27,687 times. There were 4.723 clicks on the 4 campaigns running during this period. It further shows that ‘Jesper Frier’ is the top performing sender, with a total of 287 clicks,


and that the ‘Xink – blog’ is the top performing campaign, with 170 clicks.



So that this data is easy to parse, we have built a graphical overview of your campaign performance over a selected period of time. Xink will find out which campaigns were running in that period and adjust the performance figures as needed.


Moreover, you have a brilliant campaign overview in the calendar view.


You can easily see which campaigns start on which days, completely at a glance. You can even add multiple schedules for your campaigns, and it will soon be possible to set them as recurring as well.
If you wish to start a campaign, it is easily done. Select one or more campaigns and activate it – it’s that simple. You will get a quick overview of currently running campaigns and past campaigns. Group them if you wish. It’s up to you!


Xink Brand Dashboard

We have some goodies for IT as well.


XINK BRAND customers have a unique, more IT-focused dashboard, which places an emphasis on being able to follow the deployment and signature updates status.

In this example, the dashboard shows 157 updates every day, consistently, and that 100 users have been updated in Office 365 OWA. No Google Apps updates are indicated, as the customer in this example only uses Office 365, but such a feature is supported. This is a great way to follow performance and updates. On one dashboard, vital statistics such as email signature templates used, number of active users, added users, updates for today, and more are shown. It also shows account information, subscription details and outstanding balance for quick and easy overview. It puts everything you need right at your fingertips. And yet, that’s not all that we did…

We Completely Re-envisioned Basic Functions

We have worked so heavily to improve the user experience that in the process, we have ended up improving all of Xink’s vital components. These include:

• A more intuitive interface for creating signature rules for deployment
• You can now easily create and manage placeholders (fields) for merging into email signature templates
• You can now easily create and manage administrators for your Xink account
• It is easier to create and edit signatures, add placeholders, and preview with live data
• Everything is easier. Try it!

Our new and improved Xink interface is now ready for everything – so check Xink out!