You can tell a lot about a person by how they represent themselves in public. Social media posts, the way they dress, how outspoken they are, and of particular interest to us, what they include in their email signature – all can be telling indicators of a person’s personality and beliefs. Which got us thinking: what would politicians’ email signatures look like? After all, who is more of a public figure than a politician?

Why do we have politics on the brain? Well, it has turned out to be an incredibly active year in politics! Between the U.S. presidential primaries and Brexit, you can’t escape it. And as we all know, personality and temperament are important traits when it comes to our elected officials. Might we be able to discern a bit about a politician’s beliefs, ego, thought process, or general feelings from their email signature? Well, perhaps, perhaps not – but it hasn’t stopped us from giving it a go!

Behold, the political email signatures of 2016! (Don’t write us nasty comments; this is all in good fun!)

President Obama

Love him or hate him (and there seems to be no in-between), President Obama has left his mark on the world stage. Known for his charisma, charm, and a bit of an ego (and love of babies), we suspect these qualities might leak through in his email correspondence.

Without further ado, President Obama’s signature!

Politicians' Email Signatures - Barack Obama


But what about the signature he sends his friends (Xink lets you do this, by-the-way; you can send different signatures to different groups)? What might that look like?

Barack Obama's Email Signature

Michelle Obama

Fitness advocate, healthy eater, “Mom” dancer, karaoke singer, and Barack’s better half, Michelle Obama is a model First Lady. She keeps President Obama honest, never letting him forget that though he may have millions of die-hard fans around the world, in their house, he ranks 4th on the family’s hierarchy! What might her signature look like?


Political Signature - Michelle Obama

And the signature she sends her friends…

Michelle Obama's Email Signature

Vice President Biden

If Joe Biden isn’t America’s uncle, who is? He wears Aviator sunglasses everywhere he goes, touches people inappropriately at official functions, and loves muscle cars with a passion. Your uncle’s email signature is probably pretty strange, so it stands to reason Joe Biden’s might be too, right?

Politicians' Email Signatures - Joe Biden

And the signature he sends his friends…

Joe Biden Political Email Signature

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton ends up becoming the first female president of the United States, she would have certainly earned it, if only for the amount of effort she has put in. Sometimes it seems like she’s been running for president since her husband was president! Let’s just hope that as president, she does a better job with her email messages than she did as secretary of state!

Political Email Signature - Hillary Clinton

And the signature she sends her friends…

Email Signature - Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Who would have thought that a 74-year-old from Vermont would light a fire under the collective butts of a generation? And that the generation in question would be 20- and 30-year-olds? The man who started a “revolution” (hey, remember Ron Paul?) has his quirks though. There is no denying that! What might the email signatures of a man who apparently buys all of his suits at J.C. Penny look like?

Political Email Signature - Bernie Sanders

And the signature he sends his friends…

Bernie Sanders' Email Signature

Donald Trump

What can possibly be said about Donald Trump that he hasn’t already said about himself? If you love Donald Trump, you have a million reasons why. If you hate Donald Trump, you have a million reasons why. When it comes to Trump, it seems there isn’t much that both sides of the aisle can agree on – except perhaps his ego!

Donald Trump's Email Signature

And the signature he sends his friends…

Political Email Signature - Donald Trump

Melania Trump

Former model and current jewelry designer, Melania Trump is truly living the American dream. Growing up in a small town in Slovenia, she is now on the cusp of being America’s next First Lady. If that isn’t the American dream, what is? Now if only someone could help her with her speech writing. Let’s hope she doesn’t make the same mistake with her email signature! She couldn’t, could she?

Melania Trump - Political Email Signature

And the signature she sends her friends…

Melania Trump's Email Signature

Mike Pence

The governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, isn’t exactly well-known on the world stage. In fact, he’s not even well-liked in his own state. But he might just be the perfect VP for Donald Trump, if only because he tends to be the opposite of Donald. Where Trump is brash and boastful, Pence is quiet and demure. Where Trump is known for his biting criticisms, Pence loathes negative campaigning. Which begs the question: can these two really be bedfellows?! Only time will tell! So what might Mike Pence’s brand-new, Trump-approved email signature look like?

Mike Pence's Email Signature

And what might the signature he sends his friends look like?

Politicians' Email Signatures - Governor Mike Pence

Ted Cruz

Canadian-born, not particularly friendly or approachable, and lacking any sort of public mandate, it is perhaps to be expected that Ted Cruz’s presidential hopes amounted to nothing. Still, do you know what was unexpected? The sheer lunacy that seemed to follow him everywhere he went!

Ted Cruz's Email Signature

And the signature he sends his friends…

Email Signature - Ted Cruz

David Cameron

Poor David Cameron. One day you’re Prime Minister of Great Britain, a staunch member of the European Union and great world power, and the next your country has voted to pack its bags and leave, and you’re suddenly out of a job. What might David Cameron’s email signature look like right about now?!

Politicians' Email Signatures - David Cameron

And the signature he sends his friends…

David Cameron Email Signature

Boris Johnson

And then you have Boris Johnson. One day you’re Mayor of London and the next you’re the British Secretary of State! Not a bad transformation. Of course, he might have an uphill battle. After all, as a supporter of Brexit, his peers in mainland Europe might not exactly play nice! Luckily, he has that devilish head of hair to help him along!

Boris Johnson's Email Signature

And the signature he sends his friends…

Email Signature - Boris Johnson

And there you have it. Politicians’ email signatures. The scary thing is… these might actually be kind of accurate!

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