A company’s brand is an integral part of the shared identity between employees. To feel and look like they’re all part of a greater whole – the company – has a psychological effect that should not be underestimated. Branded apparel, stationary, and marketing materials can all contribute to this feeling of unity. But this shared identity needs to be reflected in their email signatures too.

So how can you make company email signatures part of the shared brand identity?

Shared brand identity - email signature

Simple – follow these steps.

Use a Branded Color Palette

Perhaps of most importance, all company signatures should make use of the same, branded color palette. Even if you don’t include logos, wordmarks, or other marketing materials (though we recommend that you do), a simple color palette can lend your corporate email signatures a branding element that ties them into the overall corporate identity. This branding element can have an impact not only on your customers, but your employees as well. It’s a reminder that they form part of a greater whole.

Include Logos & Wordmarks

Consider it a best practice to include a logo or wordmark (or both) in your email signatures. It just makes sense. After all, there is no stronger or more prominent branding element for your company than the logo. To ensure that you are both making an impression on others – customers and employees alike – and forming lasting brand associations, use your corporate logo in all forms of correspondence and marketing materials. This includes corporate email signatures. For your own team, it can help build a sense of camaraderie.

Employ the Right Font

Font is a primary component of any wordmark (i.e. a word or a phrase used as a logo). But it’s important to remember that these fonts aren’t often used outside of the corporate logo itself. Ferrari and Coca-Cola, for example, have iconic typefaces in their corporate wordmarks, but these fonts don’t extend to other marketing materials. The font your company uses doesn’t have to match the wordmark. Instead, choose a complementary font that can be used on marketing collateral, such as brochures, billboards, websites, and email signatures. Use it consistently, across all messaging, and it will become associated with your business.

Create Internal Campaigns

A common complaint among employees in organizations across industries is a lack of insight into corporate planning. Many people feel a disconnect with what’s happening at the corporate level. With a corporate email signature, you can provide your employees with a sense of connectedness that might otherwise be impossible to achieve. This is especially true when you deploy separate email signatures for internal campaigns – something that Xink allows you to do.

Email signature marketing dashboard with Xink Campaign

Why not use internal messages for company announcements, upcoming events, to highlight an internal achievement or maybe as a channel for team building? Doing so can help you foster a sense of team amongst your employees. With Xink is is easy to segment different internal campaigns across your company, its departments and geographical locations.

With just a few clicks in the Xink dashboard, you can start to create internal campaigns to boost a stronger shared brand identity among your employees.

Want the hard facts, too? No problem, our analytics tool will show you all the statistics you need to track the success of your campaign.

Keen to know more? Take a look at our guide on how to use the email signature as an engaging marketing channel, too!

Remember, Uniformity Matters

Ultimately, your corporate email signatures should be uniform across the organization. This uniformity has a pragmatic benefit, of course: it ensures that all of your company’s email recipients are receiving the marketing and branding messaging that you’ve deemed important. But there’s another benefit as well. Uniformity can create a sense of shared identity and oneness amongst your team. And in turn, this can make your employees a better team.

The email signature is a vital tool in promoting a shared brand identity – why not leverage it to your advantage?

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