In the first installment of our three-part series on signature marketing, we went over the basics.

What is signature marketing? How can it help your business generate leads and increase revenue? Why is it important to have consistency across your organization’s email signatures? What are key strategies for getting the most out of signature marketing?

All worthwhile questions, and all answered (for the most part, anyway!) in Part One. If you haven’t yet read it, we recommend that you do! However, the gist of the article is simple. Your employees’ email signatures contain valuable real estate, and using this real estate to promote your company’s interests simply makes sense. Why waste such an opportunity, when you could be marketing to hundreds if not thousands of people each and every day?

Okay, have you gone back and read Part One? Great! Now you know the basics. With that out of the way, let’s focus on the How rather than the Why.

Don’t Guess… KNOW. Analytics is Your Friend!

How can you ensure that your signature marketing efforts aren’t falling on deaf ears? What tools should you be leveraging to ensure your efforts are focused in the right direction? Well, as it turns out, we think we know the answers to these questions. In fact, Xink has been designed to give you everything you need to maximize your signature marketing initiatives. Let’s take a look.

Our email signature management platform provides a wide range of tools to help you hone your signature marketing campaigns. These include:

When you log in to our platform, you will be directed to the primary Dashboard. On this page, you will find a number of key metrics, including how many active campaigns you currently have running and your total number of views and click-throughs.

The Xink App Dashboard - Manage Signature Marketing with a Click
Xink Dashboard

From here, you can navigate to various pages for more detailed information on the metrics that matter most to you. You can also navigate to your Home page for a global overview of your Xink installation. From here, you can manage signatures, employees, campaigns, and administrators, among other things.

But let’s get back to your dashboard. After all, this article is about analytics and hard data! Let’s start with Email Signature Updates. In the horizontal menu just below your global menu, you will see three options:

  1. Campaign Click Throughs
  2. Email Signature Updates
  3. Email Statistics

If you click on Email Signature Updates, you will find data on employees, active signatures, recent updates, and opens by browser or email provider type. For example, Office 365 or Salesforce.

Email Signature Updates Dash - Xink App
Xink Email Signature Updates

By knowing the types of browsers and email services your recipients are using, you may be able to fine-tune your email messages. Browser and email compatibility are important, as in some cases, your email signatures may not be visible. This data provides the information you need to make adjustments, should they be necessary.

Xink Email Signature Updates - Client Type

Under Email Statistics, this information is also provided, but in much greater detail, and more clearly. The pie charts make it possible to see at a glance what browsers, operating systems, and email providers your recipients are using. You will also see your recipients’ most popular operating system and email client.

Xink App - Email Statistics
Xink Email Statistics

Again, this information is invaluable as it allows you to craft email signatures which are compatible with your recipients’ various smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and email providers. After all, what’s the point of email signature marketing if your recipients don’t see your email signature? Compatibility is key.

Right, on to Campaigns! Under the Campaign dashboard, you will find information on campaigns currently running, past campaigns, upcoming campaigns, and disabled campaigns.

Xink App - Campaigns Dashboard
Xink Campaigns

Your active campaigns will also be visible on the main page, allowing you to edit and view performance statistics for each. To edit or view performance stats for any one of your current campaigns, simply click the gear icon.

Xink Campaigns - Edit Window

If you click on View Performance, you will find data on your top senders, as well as geo tracking data, which can be incredibly helpful.

Xink Campaigns - Geo Tracking - New York

Knowing what regions your recipients reside in can allow you to customize your email signatures. Perhaps your business has an office in their area? Perhaps you want to modify your email signature to represent the regional dialect? Or perhaps you want to update event announcements so that it matches the recipient’s particular time zone? The possibilities are endless!

Data Allows You to Make Informed Decisions

Big Data, that nebulous term for the ever widening net of information that businesses must deal with in their daily and yearly operations, can be overwhelming. But it can also prove to be tremendously beneficial, if used correctly. Our Analytics and Data information are invaluable, as they allow your team to constantly hone your signature marketing approach. More specifically, Big Data allows you to:

All of which are crucial to your business. Needless to say, you and your team should be leveraging analytics in all aspects of your business, including marketing.

Between tracking, geo tracking, opens, views, click-throughs, and client data, you have a wealth of information at your disposal. Xink provides you with the hard data you need to fine-tune, finesse, and hone your signature marketing campaigns. Devise initiatives around the needs of your clients and your business. Xink allows you to do just that. This is important as it enables and empowers your team. Why settle for best guesses and hunches when you can rely on actual data? What you do with this data will ultimately be up to you and your marketing department, but the important thing is that it’s there!

Once you have reviewed your signature marketing analytics, you can make adjustments to your employees and email signatures. Under the Employees dashboard, you will find a list of active employees, along with information relating to their current default signature, their last update, and the campaign rules that apply to them.

Xink Employees Dashboard
Xink Employees

If you want to edit an existing signature or add a new email signature, simply navigate to your Signatures dashboard. Here, you will find information on your current email signatures. To add a new one, simply click the plus icon.

All-in-all, Xink is designed to help facilitate your signature marketing initiatives. Everything you need to design, distribute, manage, and control email signatures and email signature marketing campaigns is found within our browser-based platform. And at the heart of it all – the very thing that allows you to make decisions based on facts and not mere hunches – is analytics.

Let Us Help Improve Your Signature Marketing

Signature marketing is a whole new way of reaching out to your audience. And with Xink, we make it easy. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free trial today; there’s absolutely no obligation. And if you have questions about how Xink works, don’t worry. We have a number of training videos and FAQs which can help. We encourage you to check them out! And stay tuned, as there’s more where this came from!

In Part Three…

Getting practical with signature marketing! We will be discussing campaign rules, how to get started with signature marketing, and the best strategies for maximizing your open rate. Tune in next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!