How can you use everyday emails to get more followers and invite your audience to engage with your business on other platforms? With your email signature, of course! Make it easy for your email audience to learn more about your brand with social links in business email signatures. Link to your company’s social channels – YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (or the ones you prefer, make sure you are active on the pages you link to). The branding and marketing benefits are obvious, and it could help build up your followers/fans count as well.

We have a trendy selection of social media icons for free download. Here you will find the most commonly used social media icons in different sizes and colours so you can start adding those important buttons to your email signatures right away.

Should you use text links or images/icons? Learn more about the advantages of both and our recommendations across devices.

Social links to Business or Personal Profiles?

In general, it is best to link to your business social media pages from your professional email signatures. This is to ensure consistency and professionalism in emails across the company. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your official company pages and get more engagement and followers.

There can, of course, be exceptions where it would be advantageous to link to a personal social media page. Perhaps the CEO of your company is an advocate for a special cause, is an important figure in your industry, or is considered an opinion leader and is very active on, for instance, Twitter/LinkedIn? There might be some benefits in linking to a personal social media page in a case like this. In most cases, though, it is best to have all links point to your business pages. Then you have full access and control of how your brand is presented on your various social platforms. And now, let’s take a look at how to ensure this consistency in your employee email signatures.

How to Make Sure All Employees Link to a Business Page?

If you don’t have a platform to manage employee email signatures centrally, it can be difficult to make sure that everyone links to your business instead of their own personal social pages. You can try to send out a guide, but it is both timely and often of very little value. People ignore your inquiry, make mistakes in following the steps or forget to do it.

The easiest way to make sure that all employees link to your business social media pages is to manage all email signatures centrally. With a platform like Xink, it is straightforward to update all email signatures with the correct information and social links. The platform “speaks” directly to your Active Directory/Google Directory and pulls the data around the clock. As an admin, you manage what social links to include in every single email signature with just a few clicks.

How Many Social Links in Business Email Signatures?

First and foremost, don’t overdo it! Don’t stuff your email signature with lots and lots of social icons. We would go for no more than four. More than that can look a bit packed, and you probably also have some accounts where you are more active than others.

And actually, active is a crucial word here! If you’re not active on your social media pages, then do not link to them in your business email signature. You want to give your audience a way to engage with your business, but if your latest post was back in 2017, it’s probably not the impression you’re going for. Check your social media profiles and evaluate which ones make sense to link to in your business email signature.

Tip! Let the social icons reflect your brand and choose a colour scheme that compliments your brand colours.

Flexibility in Email Signature Content

The beauty of managing company email signatures via a platform is that although you have full control, there is room for flexibility. Sometimes it is useful to allow employees to update (selected) data by themselves. You can let them decide if they want a headshot in their mobile phone number and other personal information. This also gives flexibility to the people who should have special content in their email signatures, such as example social links to their personal accounts if relevant.

Read more: How to let employees update their content in email signatures with Xink.

Track all Clicks

One thing is to add the social links to your signatures and make them look great. Another is to measure what you actually get out of it! It is easy to track all clicks from your social links with Xink’s analytics tool. This will give you a great overview of your email signature engagement rates. You can A/B test different versions to see if there is a positive effect in changing the colours, positions, and social links in the business email signatures.

Would you like to see how the Xink platform works? Book a free 30-minute demo or contact us. We’re always happy to chat and help out.

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