The best email signature generator is coming soon to a screen near you…!

Ok, I know that it is a serious statement to claim that we will launch the best email signature generator in the world, but we are! We need the summer to complete it, and then it’s ready for you to enjoy!

What do we mean when we say that we will be launching the best email signature editor in the world? Let me dig into it.

Focus areas of the best email signature generator

We have been doing email signatures for many years. We have collected user feedback and input, seen challenges with designs and HTML, images and logos, seen perfect signatures being tweaked by Outlook and other apps, and helped thousands of clients get their email signatures right.

We decided to develop the best email signature generator in the world – or Designer if you wish. It is almost ready. We need to work on it over the summer to make it completely perfect. But we are so excited to tell you about it that we just had to write this post.

What are the most important features of the generator?

Ease of use! Simple as that. Ease of use. We want to make it possible for you to generate an email signature template for your company without HTML coding yourself. We take care of all that in the background while you enjoy generating the signature, and no code skills are needed.

We build this with a pure email signature mindset, and it cannot be compared to any other generator. Email HTML is different from anything else, and no generators can be compared with this. This generator (designer) is built only to make email signatures perfect – it is not yet another editor!

Of important highlights we mention:

Patented Technology by Xink in Use

We make use of our patented technology to guarantee your logo will always show correctly. This is the first use of our research for many years, leading to Xink having a patent granted.

We will launch the new email signature generator and designer after summer 2019.

Meanwhile, try Xink for yourself with the current built-in editor and get all your company email signatures under control today.