If you haven’t yet used our email signature generator, you’re missing out! In four simple steps, you can design a completely custom business email signature for use in your outbound email communication, or with our Xink email signature management platform. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Choose Your Template

Email Signature Generator Step 1: Template

We have pre-loaded our email signature generator with eight separate templates for you to choose. Each has a different design and layout, providing you with a multitude of options for your business email signature. And yet, they all do a good job of accommodating some email signature basics: corporate logos (or personal photos), promotional and marketing banners, personal contact information, and social channels. Once you select a template, you will see it populate in the generator field below.

Xink Email Signature Generator input field

Step 02: Add Company Info

Xink Email Signature Generator Step 2: Company Info

After you have selected a template, simply click “Next” to proceed to the next step. In Step Two, you will input your company information. This includes your company name and web address, along with optional fields for your corporate logo and marketing banner. If you are an independent business owner or creating a customized email signature for yourself, you may choose to use the corporate logo field to add a picture of yourself – the choice is yours. When you fill out these form fields, you will see your email signature template update in real time.

Step 03: Add Personal Info

Xink Email Signature Generator Step 3: Your Info

After you have added your company info, you can add personal information for yourself. This may include your work or mobile telephone number, along with your personal email address. And of course, you can add your name and business title. Once you have added your personal info, you will see the generator field update accordingly, as seen below:

Business Email Signature

Step 04: Add Social Channels

Xink Email Signature Generator Step 4: Social Channels

The last step in creating your own business email signature is adding the appropriate social channels. We know that there are a multitude of social networks to choose from; to keep our email signature generator manageable, we’ve limited them to five of the most used platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Do you think we’re missing any key platforms? If so, let us know. If enough people clamor for it, we just might add it! Once you add the links for your social channels, your email signature will be automatically updated with the appropriate logos.

Step 05: You’re Finished!

Business email signature

To use your email signature, simply click the green button titled “Start Using Your Email Signature.” You’ll be asked for your contact information so that we can email you your finished business email signature.

Try Our Business Email Signature Generator

Should you have any questions about how to use your business email signature, with Xink or on your own, we’d be happy to answer those questions for you. And that’s it! Your own custom business email signature in four simple steps – no Photoshop experience necessary!

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