Would you like to have email banners below the contact details in your company email signatures? Clickable banners with engaging content and links to your website, promotions, blog, events, social media or something else?

Use the vast amount of 1:1 emails sent every day by your employees to create awareness around your brand and your business – with visually appealing banners with clear CTA buttons in your email signatures. And at the same time create a new way to engage with the people who already have, or could potentially have, an interest in your company.


Tips for Email Banners in Email Signatures

Email banners – or campaigns if you will – can help your business get more leads and traffic, in a low-cost and effective way!

Here are some of our top tips for how to create good email banners in signatures:

Email signature marketing - Swiftpak


Create Multiple Email Banners to Save Time and Keep Signatures Fresh


Easy distribution of email banners to all employees

With an email signature management portal like Xink, it’s easy to distribute email banners to all your employees’ email signatures. You will achieve professional, branded impressions in all emails, and they will show correctly on any device too!

Via the user-friendly dashboard, you can upload as many email banners you wish. Simply get your design team to create the email banners, upload them to the Xink web portal and start distributing them to your company email signatures. You can set up rules, so it’s easy to segment the email banners to fit specific geographical markets, departments etc.

See what you can do with Xink in this video.


Track Campaigns with In-Built Analytics

All campaigns can be tracked with the web portal’s analytics tools. For example you can get insight into:

The data is there – use it to improve your marketing.


Want Email Banners in Signatures Now?

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