Ratings and surveys are important tools for businesses to get customer feedback. But what is a good way to reach out without being a pain? There is a great and simple way to get quick feedback from customers, and it’s very straightforward. Let the everyday emails help generate it for you by including a customer satisfaction survey in the email signatures!

With Xink’s integration to third party survey feedback services, it is incredibly easy to make a survey part of your professional email signature. Let’s take a look at why, when and how to do this.

Why Use Survey Feedback Tools in the Email Signature?

One-tab survey, emoji signature survey, email signature survey, 1-click feedback button, customer satisfaction survey… No matter what we choose to call them, the bottom line is the same. They all cover the act of getting simple customer feedback directly from the email signature. And why is this such a good idea?

Take Advantage of Your Best 1:1 Channel: The Email

Email remains one of the preferred messaging tools for businesses in 2019, despite the many other communication platforms available. Customers also state that they prefer email when communicating with companies and brands. Think about it. If you get an email from someone whom you’ve already interacted with and have a relation to, you would probably open and read the email, right? So use this 1:1 channel to include a quick rating of how your business is doing – directly in the email signature!

Make it an Option, not a Request

The simple “one-tab survey” in signatures is an easy and subtle way to ask for an opinion without being a pain. The customer can choose to take the option or not. The best thing is that it takes no time to click a button. And it all happens in the signature, with no redirects. By clicking the button of choice, the respondent will not be taken away from the email or his inbox, nor faced with any annoying pop-ups or redirects. The respondent can just move on to the next thing on the agenda. This makes it more likely that you will get feedback than by sending out a long survey.

Simple Survey Design

The simplicity of the 1-click buttons makes it painless to complete a survey. Everything is embedded in the email signature. The button icons show correctly in all emails, no matter the email client or device.

Tips! The most effective customer satisfaction survey designs in email signatures are either smiley or star ratings. This is simply because they are the most widely known in all countries and languages. Ask easy to answer questions in a plain, informal voice. Make the survey design user-friendly across devices, so the icons are big enough to see and press. Remember your brand – and let the survey reflect the tone, voice, and colours that fit your brand!

Engaging content in email signatures

Example of how to integrate surveys in the email signature. Use a rating model that reads from the left (worst) to the right (best) and use text and colour to make each button stand out. 

Works on All Devices

A professional email signature looks consistent across all devices. Mobile-friendly design is important for all kinds of businesses. Even though most of the emails may be written and sent from a desktop, chances are that they will be read from a mobile device. Many companies forget that different email clients (and what version is used), the device an email is opened on, and browser choice can all have an effect on how an email signature looks.

By using an email signature service, you can manage all staff email signatures in one place and make sure that:

1) the email signature looks how it should (according to your brand guidelines and updated logo etc.)

2) all employees have and use the correct email signature – also on mobile devices where this is often a problem

3) all employees have a signature that is relevant to their role and department

When you have the ability to manage all signatures centrally, then it’s simple to push a customer satisfaction survey out to the relevant signatures. And you can be sure that it opens correctly on all devices!

Email signature survey example_Xink

Remember to check that your survey is easy to read on mobile devices. 

Only Include Surveys Where Relevant

One of the uniques features of using a web portal to manage email signatures is that you can decide what staff email signatures and/or departmental signatures should include in the customer satisfaction survey. There may be good reasons why you only want to include them in selected email signatures across your business.

For example, if you want to include a rating on the service of an employee, this would be a good fit for customer-facing employees in the support and sales departments.

Other departmental signatures would be better with a different type of content, or a different survey question.

Easy to Track Results and Get Insights

When you use Xink’s integration with third-party survey tools, it is easy to monitor the results of the surveys in real-time. You can set up notification alerts on the dashboard. This gives you the option to act fast if a bad rating comes in. It is also a great idea to use the rating results to evaluate employee/department performance (i.e. customer support) or as a motivation to improve customer success.

Xink’s Email Signature Survey Example

Xink has been working with survey feedback integration tools for the past two years. In our own staff signatures, we chose to include the question: “How likely are you to recommend Xink to a friend or a colleague?” with a smiley rating below.

Make email signatures conform to company policy

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This is the first post of five in our series on “Engaging Content to Email Signatures“. Next, we will look at Product Review Links in email signatures.