The holiday season is here – and it’s time to send your greetings to customers, colleagues and peers. Why not include beautiful holiday greetings in email signatures too? It’s an easy way to make your emails sparkle a bit in this joyful time of the year. And they’re quick to create if you don’t fancy writing personal holiday greetings to everyone in your company’s database!


Tailored Campaigns in Email Signatures

Have you ever thought about the vast number of emails your company sends out every day from various devices? Each email is an opportunity to share a bit about your company – by including it in the email signature! With a marketing campaign below the contact details in the signature, you have an excellent 1:1 channel between your employee and the email receiver. Xink makes it incredibly easy to manage and update your campaigns according to seasonality, relevance and topic.

Use email signature campaigns as an external channel to drive traffic to your website with clickable content, get more followers on social media, showcase company news and won awards, share information about where customers can meet you at an upcoming and much more. You can segment the campaigns to tailored groups, receivers, internal departments, geographies etc.

The holiday season is a great opportunity to send out a greeting in the email signatures. Here are a few inspirational examples of how to include holiday greetings in email signatures and what to write:

Holiday greetings email signature1

Holiday greetings email signature2


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How to Get Started with Holiday Greetings in Email Signatures

So how do you start to include holiday greetings in email signatures? If you are already a Xink Campaign user, then you simply upload your holiday greeting design in the Xink platform and push it out to employees. Then they will automatically have the signature in their emails for the time period you set. Another great thing about central management of email signatures: you can set the desired time that your campaigns should run. This means that you will never be in a situation where outdated content still sits in the employee emails!

If you are not a Xink user yet, then don’t worry! We can get you started in just a few steps! Sign up to a FREE trial now – and try the platform for 14 days without commitment. Just in time to see if you like to use Xink for holiday greetings in email signatures across your company! Chat with our friendly supporters if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help and give you a quick demo if you want!

Oh and here is our email signature at Xink for the holiday season! Take a look at our Advent Calendar with 24 years of email history! Happy Holidays!

Xink Advent Calendar