Reviews can do wonders for your business. They can help build your reputation, boost credibility, and they can also help improve your SEO! So why not ask for a review in the email signature? Include a product review link, a Google My Business (GMB) review link, or a review platform of your choice. It’s a great, not invasive way of making it an easy option for your audience to review you.

Depending on your business, you probably have a preference for where you want your reviews to come in. Maybe your company is in the tourism industry and you know that TripAdvisor is an important review platform for you? Or if you are a B2C business, then you want those Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, Facebook reviews, etc. to help build your online reputation.


The Power of Online Reviews

We live in a time where online reviews have immense power in the decision-making process. Consumers and B2B buyers alike turn to online reviews to validate your service or product. And the reviews need to be fairly recent too. So make use of your everyday communication channel, the email signature, to provide an easy way for your audience to leave a product review.

Nowadays, buyers and consumers turn to reviews for validation of your product or service. According to this article, 95% of consumers read online reviews. And 85% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Reviews also help your company stand out among your competitors and deliver insights on what your business is doing well and what you can improve on.


How to Ask for Reviews in the Email Signature

Your company email signatures can (and should be!) a natural part of your digital marketing plan. The personal everyday 1:1 emails are one of the most effective, and most trusted ways to interact with customers. Chances are good that your email contacts will leave a review if you make it easy for them to do it!

When you ask for reviews via the email signature, you direct your email audience to the review platform of your choice. Create an engaging marketing campaign following your signature. The design needs to easy to read on all devices, with a clear CTA button.

Product review link in email signature_example

Example of a product review link in a corporate email signature with a link to Yelp.


Incentive link to get reviews in email signature

Example of how to use incentives to get reviews from the email signature. 



Learn More about Engaging Content for Email Signatures

This post is part of a series on How to Create Engaging Content for Email Signatures. We have looked at how to include survey links in email signatures, and we will look at social media links in signatures, headshots and timed marketing content.

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