The email signature block is your digital sign off and serves as your virtual business card. You want to leave a professional impression in your emails at all times. Both in terms of relevant, updated information but also when it comes to visuals. Make sure they show correctly and in the right resoulution across all devices. But how? Let’s take a look at the importance of the email signature block!

The email signature block contains valuable information about yourself and your company – in a quick and comprehensible way. The receiver of your emails will instantly look towards the email signature block to obtain information about you. This is also the reason why you don’t need to spend a lot of time introducing yourself in your emails. The email signature block simply does the job for you – if you remember to include all relevant details! The key to a good email signature block is also to understand what you should not include!

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The email signature block is placed below the content of your email. A professional email signature usually contains information such as:


Example of an email signature block.

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Are Your Signatures Consistent?

Your email signature block should be professional and have a clear connection to your company brand. In many cases, companies leave it up to their employees to create and control their own email signature. But the downside of this can be inconsistent, not updated email signatures with irrelevant information and wrong links, for instance to personal social media platforms rather than your corporate accounts.

Other problems related to having a professional email signature block is the way different email clients work together across devices. Your email signature probably looks great and professional in your own desktop email client. But chances are that is looks very different on tablet and mobile (oh the dreaded “Sent from my iPhone”!). And it can also look different in other email clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail etc. Have you checked?

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Email Signature Management with Xink - Explainer Video


Manage the Email Signature Block via a Web Portal

The only way to fully control this to use third-party software. Xink offers an advanced cloud-based platform to create, update and centrally manage all staff email signatures across your organization. By integrating your Google Directory/Microsoft Active Directory with Xink, all data is automatically updated and pushed to employees around the clock.

With Xink, your employees never need to be involved in their email signatures. They don’t have to spend their valuable time on updating branded content such as logo, colors or marketing banners. Everything is managed in the Xink web portal – usually by the team who is in charge of managing the company brand, such as the marketing or communications department. The role-based login to the Xink web portal is great to control who has access to what.

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