… But we want you to become a client first ūüôā

A great part of trying out an email signature maker¬†is to see how the design looks–after all, you want to make a great first and last impression, right? And we understand that it doesn’t matter how beautiful, compelling, effective, clever, or original your email signature design is, if the person on the receiving end can’t see it or it is twisted or looks odd or is composed of a big red X. That’s why in this BYOD multi-device digital age, we want to make sure your email design looks just as good, not matter what OS, browser, email provider or device your recipients use to get mail.

Good email signature design is essential

Why waste a beautiful design with poor code when with a little bit of effort, you can get your email signature¬†in front of the people that matter most–your clients, peers, prospects, and industry associates? With our email signature design converter service, you can rest easy knowing that all of your handiwork is actually being seen. And ultimately, isn’t that the point of an email signature? To be seen by others so that you can make a lasting impression? With an¬†HTML email signature and Xink, you can do just that.


Get to Know Our HTML Email Signature Design Service

With our design service, whether you’re taking us for a test drive or already leased us, we are happy to take your first email signature and convert it into suitable HTML code for improved deliverability and compatibility. We will also talk with you and make recommendations based on our extensive knowledge of email signatures to help ensure your signatures are easily implemented and viewed, no matter the viewing platform. At Xink, your email signature is important to us, because if it’s coded poorly, there’s nothing that we can do to make it come out on the other side in one piece.

How do you get started?

First you need to sign up for your free Xink account to get started.

Second you need to provide us with your email signature design. Our email signature design service is really an email signature conversion service. You need to have your email signature design in place and then we help you convert it into a proper HTML email-friendly format.

To have your own email signature design converted, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for Xink (no credit card necessary.)
  2. Create a ticket in our Helpdesk stating your Xink Account Name Рon support.xink.io. Attach your design which can be a PNG, PDF or a JPG with your completed design from your graphic designer. (No Ai or vector files.) This way we can know exactly how you and your designer want your email signature to look like.
  3. Send us all the individual graphics, fonts, hyperlinks, and anything else you want in the signature. To make this efficient, you need to provide us with all graphical elements in the correct signature size.

And again, please note that Xink is not a design agency, we are a software company, so we cannot help you with your actual graphical design. You need to have this in place already, and then we can help you convert¬†your design into a proper HTML email signature. So please don’t ask us to improve your logo files or scale them, change DPI size or anything like that¬†– we expect that you have had this done already.

Also please remember that we will do your first one design conversion only. The succeeding design conversions we will do at our normal rates.

Coding best practices for email signature coding

We will have a look at your email signature and advise you according to our best practices. Please note that we might recommend changes to your design based on experiences on how it looks in different email programs, apps and devices. We follow our own best practices and design guide which you can find among the blogposts linked to at the end.

Get email signature image size right.¬†One of the most important mistakes designers often make is to give you huge files. Sure this is great when you are using their design on a billboard, but it simply just won’t work in an email footer. What does a good image size look like? When it’s at 100 percent, on your desktop, it is just perfect. This means you have to send us this right size upfront or else it’ll look like a giant, yelling mess in your inbox.


Leaving it to your design team to code your email signature? That’s cool too, just make sure they add the Height and the Width to the images or else different¬†email programs and screens with squish and stretch as needed. Here are a bunch¬†more of these tiny yet oh-so-important tricks to pass them on. But even if you are letting them design it, make sure you also encourage them to send it to us to have a look the first time.

Note: We are happy to give you advice based on our more than a decade of experience and to help you convert your email signature design to HTML, but again we aren’t designers. When it comes down to it, your email signature is just another part of your brand management and we wouldn’t dream of trying to know better than you.

Email Signature Design Best Practices: