Mac Email Signatures – Legitimize Macs in the Workplace!

You don’t have to feel e-naked (or is it iNaked?) anymore when wearing a Mac!

Just a few years back, if you were using a Macbook in a coffee shop or library, everyone would have assumed “graphic designer” or “pays a heavy premium for aesthetics”.

There is no doubt that any Mac out there is significantly more beautiful than any Windows based laptop, and this probably had a lot to do with people’s choices back then.

In the corporate environment,  it has become more and more popular to choose a Mac if a) your boss would let you, and/or b) if IT would give you a pass and not complain about the lack of support, inability to deploy software to it, non-standard management interface, blah, blah,.  IT might go a step further and coax you into accepting that Lenovo laptop “that everyone else uses”, all the while, he has a MacBook Air in his office, with both OSX and Windows installed, “for testing and backup purposes only”.  Sure, sure.  Even with all that, Mac’s are taking a bigger piece of the corporate pie. (9 to 5 Mac has a great article on how Google manages over 40,000 Macs in their enterprise, it’s worth a read!)

For many Mac’ers it has also been a status symbol flashing their Macbooks in the airport and in their coffee shop and even in the hotel restaurant in the evenings next to a glass of wine. But they are hiding something from the outside world behind their pretty surface. Something that they will not tell and something that only you can tell if you receive an email from them.

They feel naked and isolated! Isolated because they cannot get the same software as everyone  else in the organization. They have to install everything themselves, bother with App Store and  manual updates whereas all the others live in a nice common unity. They cannot even have  our beloved Outlook installed (until a few years ago) so they had to do with then clunky, functionally and mentally handicapped standard email application from Apple. And Mac email signatures was not something that was easily managed in this application.

But even worse they feel naked. E-naked. While all other users in the organization is sending out emails in a corporate suit with nicely branded email signatures and driving tons of leads to their business, they are still stuck with plain text emails, showing red X instead of company logos and Mac email signature campaigns set up by the marketing department. They even feel that nobody wants to receive their emails, or at least they feel embarrassed when they receive handsome emails replies from their fortunate colleagues. That’s because they’re all running Xink except for the poor things with their pretty Macs. Everybody else are so branded and cool and proud of sending emails so in fact they’re sending out twice as many as before just to get themselves noticed out there. And people from marketing love them because they drive more leads to the business. Mac email signatures didn’t really exist before now..

Good news – now the days are over feeling e-naked, you Mac’ers! Xink now supports Outlook for Mac (Outlook:mac 2011 and 2014) where everything from brand to Mac email signature campaigns and conversions are managed online via the cloud. This is a big welcome to the corporate world for all the previously isolated people – all you Mac people.

Welcome to the corporate World, Mac users! We’re proud to dress you all up! We’re proud to be the ones who welcome you fully dressed into the corporate world by providing nicely branded centrally Mac email signatures and campaigning via the cloud.

Coming in September 2014 to a Mac near you.