Manage Email Signatures for Mac

Apple adoption in the corporate setting is rampant. The consumerization of IT, along with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, has seen Macs become more widely accepted in corporate IT departments than ever before. And this is due in part to the popularity of Apple devices across all spectrums and consumer bases.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t still part of the conversation. On the contrary, their Mac Office suite of products has become increasingly popular as of late, as organizations want to continue using the gold standards for worker productivity – and when it comes to software, Microsoft is in many ways still king. And so, we have a world in which people are increasingly running Microsoft programs on their Mac devices (at least in office environments). Something people would have thought impossible just 15 or 20 years ago.

It is important to note that the surge in popularity of Apple computers in the office has also given rise to the need for dedicated email signature software for Mac. It only makes sense – organizations want the same functionality and benefits of  and they want to manage email signatures for Mac users as they do their PC-based users.


Why Choose between PC or MAC? You Don’t Have to with Xink

When choosing between Mac or PC, you’re often faced with choosing between platform-specific applications as well. If you go with PC, you’ll be using Microsoft’s suite of products; if you go with Mac, you’ll be forced to rely on Apple’s software suite. Thankfully, this isn’t true for Xink. Our email signature management software for Mac is delivered via the Cloud and is accessible on any web browser. It also supports users who run Outlook for Mac just as it does Outlook for PC. The result is that you’re able to centrally create, share, and manage (as well as measure) all of your company’s email signatures, for both PC and Mac users.

Xink’s email signature software for Mac is a powerful campaign tool that allows marketing teams to develop email signature campaigns that sit alongside your company’s email signature block. This, in turn, helps drive quality traffic and conversions to your website – with minimal effort. Remember, peer-to-peer emails are the most common method of communication that your company uses. Use this medium to not only create powerful brand impressions, but also to create new marketing channels for pipeline and revenue creation.

Make your emails work for you, not against you. After all, your organization is likely sending out thousands of individual impressions a day – don’t you want them to be beneficial.