It’s a common scenario: An employee or individual within an organization (let’s call him Captain) needs to send an email on behalf of someone else within that organization (let’s call her Tennille), but doesn’t have access to that person’s email account. How can the employee ensure that the person they are sending the message on behalf of is properly represented? With Xink, the solution is simple – we have built our platform specifically to facilitate sharing email signatures. With Xink, “Captain” Daryl Dragon can include Tennille’s email signature in any correspondence that he sends.

Sharing Email Signatures: The Basics

Sharing email signatures is simple. How simple? See for yourself! Here’s how it works.

Sharing Email Signatures Using the Xink App

Sharing email signatures with Xink is straightforward and easy. In the Xink app (currently, this function is only supported on Windows), select Employees from the main menu. You can then individually click on any of the employees whose signature you would like to share (for example, not just Tennille, but Sonny, Cher, and the Mamas and the Papas too). Once you have selected the appropriate parties, simply click on the down arrow icon and choose “Share default signatures with…”

Sharing Email Signatures with Another Party Using Xink

You can then choose who these signatures will be shared with. In other words, step one is choosing the signatures to be shared. Step two is choosing the employees who will have access to these signatures. Choose the appropriate individual from the drop-down selection, and you are done! If you want to verify which signatures an individual has access to, simply click on the appropriate person’s profile and select the gear icon.

Settings Screen Showing Email Signature Access

The user you selected can now access and deploy and of the email signatures he or she has access to. For more in-depth instructions, we invite you to read our step-by-step guide on sharing email signatures. But you probably won’t have to, as it’s a breeze! Start sharing today!

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