Campaign Monitor Template Integration with Xink is just Brilliant!

Why is it a great idea for Xink to offer template integration with Campaign Monitor, the automated email campaign software? Well, we think that there are two very good reasons, actually.

  1. To use Xink as the template for storage and editing of email campaigns. This way you have the full management overview of centrally controlled employee signatures AND active Campaign Monitor campaigns all in one template!
  2. To add the email signature of a sender to a template. Example: if a template is sent from a particular person, then this person’s email signature can be included in the template. This way you will gain more efficient and effective marketing campaigns, and greater consistency in branding.

Sync Xink with Your Marketing Tools

By integrating with Campaign Monitor, we sync our email signature platform with the email marketing tools many of our customers are already using. The Xink integration will give you flexibility and control over your Campaign Monitor Templates. And in doing so, we make life easier for you and everyone within your organization.

Let’s take a look at our Campaign Monitor integration from ground level. Here is everything you need to know!

Integration with Xink’s Admin Panel

The integration with Campaign Monitor is easily accessible via the integration tab in Xink. To set up the integration, simply add your Campaign Monitor API token and you are connected:

Campaign Monitor Xink Integration

When a checkbox is enabled (note that there are two: “Enable integration with Campaign Monitor,” and “Update templates in Campaign Monitor when a signature is updated.”), we create a new folder under “Signatures” called “Campaign Monitor.” You can see how this will appear in your dashboard below.

Campaign Monitor Under Xink Menu

All templates saved in this folder will be synced to Campaign Monitor. The signature name will be the same as the template name in Campaign Monitor for ease of use. If the signature name is changed, then the name is automatically updated in Campaign Monitor. This ensures everything stays in sync.

Adding a Signature to a Campaign Monitor Template

To add an email signature of a specific user to Campaign Monitor, simply use this tag:


Obviously, you must replace the example email address above ( with the address of the person in question. When this user’s signature is updated in Xink, the template is updated automatically and synced to Campaign Monitor.

When a Campaign Monitor template is saved we ask if it should be updated in Campaign Monitor too. If it is not updated, we will mark it as ‘not updated’ – hence, the user will know that this template needs to be updated as well. In other words, we sync (or ask to sync) with Campaign Monitor every time you make changes or updates. This way, Xink and Campaign Monitor are always on the same page. Our goal is to make Xink as usable – and user-friendly – as possible.

Using Xink Fields in Your Campaign Monitor Template

Use any Xink fields in your Campaign Monitor template. When the template is processed, the template (with its replaced fields) will be saved and used in Campaign Monitor. It’s a simple find and replace, and it is done automatically.

Use of Templates

All of your templates are used as optional signatures under ‘Rules’. It is up to the users themselves to define the defaults and optional signatures. So you might not end up using this feature, but it’s good to know that it’s there.

Displaying Campaign Monitor Templates in Xink

Campaign monitor Template

It is easy to see when a template has been updated in Campaign Monitor. Just see the example above. You’ll notice we tell you when an update was last made, down to the minute!

Campaign Monitor Template Updates

You update templates in Campaign Monitor the same way that signatures are moved to other folders. As seen below, you select a template and choose to update it in Campaign Monitor or delete it. The integration is made easy with Xink.

How to Update Campaign Monitor Template in Xink

Add Even Stronger CTAs to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Monitor is a terrific tool, that should go without saying. But perhaps the best thing about Campaign Monitor is that it provides you (and your entire team) with invaluable analytical data on customer behavior. This behavioral information can be used to refine and evolve your marketing initiatives and campaigns – in fact, with Campaign Monitor’s behavioral tools, you can send customized email messages on an individual basis, making it possible for no two people to receive the same email.

Combining these functionalities with those offered by Xink (email signature creation and management, among others) allow you to include stronger, more effective calls to action. You can invigorate your email marketing campaigns with CTAs that are tailored around the needs and wishes of the recipient. Skip the generic directives and go in for the kill with offers that your readers can’t ignore!

Tailor Your Email Signature Based on User Behavior

But how do we do this? Well, it’s easy. With our integration, we can add your Xink signature into any email campaign sent out using Campaign Monitor. And because Campaign Monitor provides behavioral data, you can tailor and customize your email signature based on user behavior. If, for example, you know that a customer greatly prefers “Product A” over “Product B” based on actual real-world data, then you know not to waste your time and energy trying to sell that customer “Product B”.

Instead, tailor your email marketing campaigns so that they target the products that your customers are buying – not just in your campaign content, but in your email signature content as well.

That’s the power of our Campaign Monitor integration. Give it a try and see for yourself how you can use this feature to increase click-throughs and drive sales!

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