The value of a great email signature web portal becomes even more clear when you see exactly what you can do with your company email signatures across platforms. Integrations are important features for successful email signature management because it enables companies to work across different platforms and systems without having to worry about brand control and inconsistencies in email signatures.


What is an Email Signature Integration?

An email signature integration is basically a way to make other platforms “speak” with your email signatures via an email signature web portal.

Xink integrates with the best and most commonly used business email clients such as Office 365, G Suite (Gmail) and Apple Mail. With Xink, it is incredibly easy and seamless to sync with the directory system you use, such as Active Directory, Azure Directory, Google Directory, etc.


Seamless Sync with Preferred Tools, Apps and Clients

Did you know that you can manage your email signatures with your favorite sales and support tools, too?

Our email signature platform integrates seamlessly with the third-party SaaS solutions that you are (probably?) already using. This basically means that you can pull your email signatures out of Xink and use them in other applications (or vice versa). This way you can rest assured that your staff email signatures are updated and consistent, no matter the communication platform used.

Our advanced API enables Xink to sync with the world’s most preferred sales, support and campaign tools such as Salesforce, ZendeskCampaign Monitor, and more.

If you are using third-party applications already, then the odds are good that Xink will work with it. We believe that integration with other platforms makes our own email signature platform much better.


Make Your Own Integration with Xink!

If you are searching for a specific feature or component or integration, you can even build it yourself!

Here is the API developer information you need.

By using our API for your own integrations, our platform provides you endless possibilities when ensuring proper emails for all employees. That with marketing messages or not, we simply just make your emails look great.

Reach out to us for further information and assistance – easiest on LiveChat or via email. We’re here to help!