You may not realize it, but Xink has offered integration for the last two years. The reasons for this are many. For one, we pride ourselves on supporting multiple integrations, so that our users can customize Xink to fit their needs. And as Salesforce is a hugely popular CRM platform, it only makes sense to support it as well. We want your team to be able to seamlessly use Xink within your organization, regardless of what third-party applications you may already use.

We’re pleased to say that based on customer feedback, our Salesforce integration has been a huge success! Thousands of users’ email signatures are updated through Xink every day hence ensuring correct and unified branding even when sending emails from rather than Outlook.

What Integration Offers Our Users

Our Salesforce integration provides users with a simple yet incredibly beneficial feature: the email signatures for all sales reps are automatically updated from Xink. There is no need to manually update the signatures in Salesforce, nor is there any need to worry that some reps may not be using the correct email signature. With our Salesforce integration, your sales reps and customer service professionals send our emails with their updated signatures and campaign messages automatically. It’s as simple as that.

As we’ve discussed before, Xink works seamlessly with Salesforce because it was designed as an AppExchange application. This means simple activation, seamless syncing, and trouble-free operation for you and your team. Once you have Salesforce set up and synced with your Xink account, you can manage and distribute custom email signatures (along with email signature marketing campaigns) to all Salesforce users.

It is easy to set up – just add permission to Xink from your AppExchange portal when logged on to Integration with Xink

Make the Most of Salesforce. Sync Up with Xink.

If your organization uses Salesforce, then syncing your CRM platform with our email signature management platform is a no-brainer. With the two acting harmoniously together, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of all they have to offer. If you don’t believe us, we have hundreds of satisfied users who can vouch for us! Our Salesforce integration, we are happy to say, is a huge success. Try it for yourself!

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