Salesforce Email Signatures – Now Manageable Through Xink!

With Xink Integrations, you can unite your business with your favorite cloud-based Customer Success Platform. What does this mean? It means that your organization can use email signatures created with Xink in other applications, such as sales platforms, CRM systems, Helpdesk systems, and marketing automation tools. And of course, you can integrate Xink with your own internal systems as well. That is the power of Integrations.

But Why is This Important?

The simple answer is: branding! Building a brand means developing a reputation, and that takes time and effort. One of the simplest means of building a brand is putting out a consistent image and message – one that represents your organization, its services, its philosophies, and its goals.

However, one branding element that many people fail to take advantage of is emails. Think about it. Your organization sends dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of emails every day. These emails are being seen by peers, vendors, clients, and potential clients. If they’re blank, they provide you with no benefit whatsoever beyond that which may exist in the messages themselves. But let’s face it, so many email messages these days are trivial, aren’t they? So you might as well make them work for you through branding and marketing initiatives!

Xink Integrations, along with Xink’s cloud-based email signature management tool, lets you do that. And one of the first platforms to pair with Xink Integrations also happens to be the largest CRM software in the industry: Salesforce.

Salesforce Email Signatures and Xink – a Perfect Pair

Xink Integrations allows Salesforce email signatures to be designed, managed, and controlled directly from Xink. When an email signature is changed in Xink, it is updated automatically in Salesforce through the Integrations application. There is no need for separate management or creation of email signatures, as it can be done centrally through Xink. The benefits of this approach are somewhat self-evident, but let’s reiterate that point just in case you missed it. Email signature management can be done centrally, from one source, via Xink!

Our Integrations platform works seamlessly with Salesforce as it was designed as an AppExchange application. What this means for your team is trouble-free operation. It is important that the emails being sent from Salesforce match and reinforce the branding and marketing initiatives that are achieved through your other distribution channels – including email. Xink Integrations enables Salesforce email signatures to match your standard email signatures for a professional, consistent, and purposeful message.

So How’s It Work?

Once Xink and your Salesforce account are linked, creating and managing Salesforce email signatures couldn’t be easier. Let me show you how easy it is by taking you through some of the vital screenshots for managing the Salesforce email signatures.

First you enter the Integration area in Xink and choose Salesforce:

salesforce email signatures

Next you need to link Xink with your Salesforce account so you need to click the “Link Salesforce” button and you will be asked to log into your Salesforce account. You will then be presented for the following security message which you need to accept:

Salesforce email signature

That’s really what you need to do. You can see the Xink app in the Connected Apps section in your account. Your users’ Salesforce email signatures will be updated on a scheduled basis, so please be patient and you might wait an hours’ time before you can see the new Salesforce email signatures. Note also that Salesforce email signatures can be maximum 1333 bytes long which can be a challenge if your design is complex.

So now when you send out emails from Salesforce, you will have the same nicely branded email signature as if you’ve sent out the email from e.,g. Outlook or Google Apps. That’s pretty neat and Unique!

Get Started with Managing Salesforce Email Signatures Now

So now every email sent from within your organization do not lack branding and marketing and there will be no missed opportunities anymore when you send out emails from Salesforce! You should view your emails as valuable real estate. They reach more eyes than you likely realize, and it costs nothing to turn them into marketing tools.

To learn more about Xink Integrations and our email signature control today. We’d be happy to help you!