Xink Integrations and Apps – Unite Your Email Signatures with Your Cloud Tools

Xink Integrations is the next level of email signature management!

Xink just became the platform that will unite all of your cloud-based and internal solutions that send out emails. Hence, Xink is not just a cloud platform for managing email signatures and campaigns in Outlook and Gmail. No, Xink can be used to manage signatures and email campaigns across platforms.

Moreover, we are introducing our own app store so you can make your own integration apps. No matter what system you use or have built yourself, with Xink Apps, you will be able to integrate Xink and your own platform, so that an email sent from your own system will look just as professional as if you wrote it with Outlook. That is the promise of Xink Integrations.

Let me explain how it works.

Xink Integrations – how does it work?

Think of the Xink Integration platform as the glue between your own systems (both on-premises and SaaS) and our own cloud-based email signature management tool. Essentially, it enables you to use email signatures provided and managed by Xink in your own system. Thus, you can still publish and distribute from your own proprietary platform while taking advantage of the many benefits offered by the Xink platform.

If you have built your own CRM system and use it to send out emails in users’ names, you can pull the email signature from Xink, as well as functionalities including campaigns and full tracking, and tie it to your own platform. Instead of sending out boring and anonymous automatic emails, spice them up with your company email signatures. In the end, you can make even automated emails super attractive to view.

Xink Apps – what is it exactly?

We listened to you – all of our customers – and as a result, are building an extremely flexible platform that allows you to manage email signatures, campaigns, tracking, internal applications, and more. Quickly and easily. This is why we’re introducing Xink Apps.

Based on our expanding API, Xink Apps offers you the ability to make your own apps that work seamlessly with Xink – and which are built to your own specifications. When the times comes, you can even add your own apps to our Xink App Store if you so choose, so that it becomes available to other customers. We want Xink to be open-source so that it works for you!

Salesforce – Our First Xink Integration App!

The first app to be added to the Xink App Store is the integration app. As Im a writing just now, it is still in Beta but is free for you to try out.

Put simply, this app integrates with Xink. It enables email messages sent in Outlook and Gmail to utilize the same signature that is used when messages are sent directly from Salesforce. Soon there will be no difference in the look ‘n feel of emails, no mater where they are sent from. The signatures stored in Salesforce are now automatically updated from Xink through the Xink App, which in fact is a AppExchange App.

Xink and your application working as one. That is Xink Integrations and Xink Apps in a nutshell.

We launch Xink App Store late 2015 – Xink Integrations is already out!