Xink Exchange Connector

Essentially, Xink’s Exchange Connector is built around a single goal: ensuring that email signatures are being added to emails properly when customers have their own Exchange Servers.  We do this by supporting Exchange servers on-premises via the cloud and using our own API to integrate with your Exchange Server. This lets you manage email signatures on your Exchange Server via the cloud from any device: desktop or mobile.

We launch this as an “Exchange Connector”, i.e. we ensure that the data and signatures managed in Xink are transferred securely to your on-premises environment, and hence used by Exchange. Signatures are added as a gateway solution on your Exchange Server.

Exchange Connector


The rule-based system of Exchange Connector allows you to do many things with their email signatures. Simply set up If/Then scenarios within Xink and let the product do the work for you. For example, if you would like to replace “Sent from Outlook for iPhone” when using a mobile device with an alternative email signature from Outlook, you can. Exchange Server makes it simple. Here’s how.

Setting Up Rules and Implementing Signatures

To put Exchange Connector to work, first create your email signatures in Xink. You can then use them on your Exchange Server via the Exchange Connector. Email signatures are synchronized to a local database in your domain so that they can be used for text replacement in outgoing emails.

Here is an infographic on how it works.

Once you have created your email signatures, you can devise If/Then rules for implementation. Xink Exchange Connector is a gateway solution for your Exchange Server, and will parse through outgoing text for specific text phrases. In other words, as the email passes through the gates, it gets inspected. If a specific text phrase is found, Exchange Connector will replace it with the phrase of your choice.

For example, let’s say you’ve created the following rule: If signature text is ‘Sent from Outlook for iPhone’, then replace with ‘Default signature from Outlook’. In fact it works much like Xink rerouting app for Office 365.

When the email is sent, Exchange Connector will examine the outbound text and look for the phrase in question. It will then replace it with the correct email signature (the one you’ve set up using the If/Then rule) in both html and plain text formatted emails.

Best of all, the email signature is always added in the correct place and never gets stacked at the bottom of the email. We may be biased, but we believe that Xink Exchange Connector is a brilliant solution for integrating your on-premises Exchange Server with cloud technology.

Try it today on an Exchange Server near you…!

And for the techies. Here are the steps involved in setting it up – easy!

Exchange COnnector steps


Exchange Connector works both as a new setup on your Exchange Server with Xink as well as it works in a migration scenario from eMailSignature on-premises to Xink. Customers using the eMailSignature Mobile Module only needs to install the Exchange Connector and then it the Exchange Server keeps on processing the rules and signatures.

If you have any questions, ask us!

*Exchange Server 2013 and newer.