Need Help with Zendesk Email Signatures? Xink Integrations will manage it for you.

Xink already offers integration support for Office 365, Apple Mail, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Outlook on the Web and many others. Our newest integration is Zendesk, one of the preeminent names in the world of customer support software. Xink makes Zendesk email signature management painless!

With Xink, you can now integrate Zendesk with our email signature management platform. This will ensure that your branding initiatives are uniform and consistent across all channels – even your customer support platform. You may already be doing it with Salesforce (that is, branding your email communication). Why not do the same with Zendesk?

Ensure that your emails look just as professional when sending them from Zendesk as when you send out your own emails from Gmail or Office 365. Use Xink.

How Does it Work?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Simply log in to your Xink account and add your Zendesk API token (which you can find in your Zendesk account). It’s worth mentioning that you must have proper permissions in order to do so. To set up integrations in Xink, you need to have Super Admin permissions. If you do not have the proper permissions, you will not be able to integrate the two platforms.

Once done, you can activate your integration. Rest easy, however, as it will not update the email signatures for your Zendesk supporters (with matching emails) until you tell it to do so; the emails in Xink will match the emails in Zendesk. It’s also worth noting that Zendesk accepts plain text email signatures only, but that will probably change in the near future. Maybe one day they will accept html email signature updates, but until that day arrives, you can enjoy the plain white bread!

Zendesk email signatures

For more technical information just read our support guide.

Try it Out for Yourself

If your team utilizes Zendesk for day-to-day operations, reach out to our team today to see what Xink can do for you. More importantly, see how Xink can allow your team to get the most out of your Zendesk software. Branding is important, and nothing makes the process of branding your various outreach channels easier than Xink. Give us a call or send us an email today!

Get started – create your Xink account now and add your integrations.