Apple Watch Email Signature – “Sent From My Apple Watch”? Or What?

The latest in wearable technology, the Apple Watch is a bit of a curiosity. As with all Apple products, there was a roaring clamor for the Apple Watch before it was even available for purchase.

This is not a blog post about if I would actually want to replace my real watch with an smart Watch (in this case the Apple Watch. This opinion I will keep to myself, so I will only write about how you can expect the email branding through to appear when using the Apple Watch.

So how does your Apple Watch email signature look like when you use it for emails?

Which Email Apps Offer Apple Watch Support?

So once strapped firmly at your wrist, and connected to your iPhone this is what you will see:

Apple Watch Email signature

I’m only mentioning the the built-in Email app for iPhone’s Watch support and not any potential email client out there offering Apple Watch support. This comes by default (for better or worse) and I am sure that there are many functionalities that are yet to be built in. You can see if an app offers Apple Watch support by searching for the app in the App Store and see if the text “Offers Apple Watch App” is displayed.

Currently Outlook for iPhone , OWA app, Gmail apop by Google, Inbox by Google does not offer Apple Watch support. CloudMagic is one of the few email apps I have seen that actually offer support for Apple Watch, in fact it is the only one.

Apple Watch Email signature
But let’s get back to the built-in email app for iPhone which is available on Apple Watch. For better or worse, the first version of Apple Watches allow you to see your emails but you’re not going to be able to reply to them from the Apple Watch.

This means that any email reply you want to write, you have to pick up your phone and write it the “old fashioned” way. So while your colleagues and clients won’t be seeing a rather unprofessional Apple Watch email signature “Sent From my Apple Watch,” they are likely still seeing an equally unprofessional “Sent From My iPhone”. There is no specific Apple Watch email signature as such, but it is using the one you have already set in your email app.

What will now happen to your Email Habits when you buy an Apple Watch?

Just a bit of statistics first.. The average CEO, working 14 hours a day, will spend 30% of his time on emails. Those statistics includes time spent on emails accessed through your smart phone, and doesn’t include the percentage increase from also accessing emails on your Apple Watch. With your Apple timepiece, checking your emails on your Apple Watch is inescapable and probably one of the most common tasks you will have. So to conclude this there is no doubt that when wearing and using the Apple Watch, email is one of the most used functions.

Email habits during meetings are a lot like on-to-go communications: they are on-going exchanges that take place despite the parallel activity you’re engaged in. You’re essentially always multi-tasking, and there’s nothing wrong with that since that’s how you manage to keep juggling the expectations placed on you. The average high-level professional will send about three or more emails every thirty minutes. We can expect this number to rise as it becomes that much more difficult to willfully turn a blind eye to the Apple Watch email notifications popping up on you Apple Watch. Being the responsible multi-tasking emailer that you are, you’re going to respond to that email – and that email will also probably read “Sent from my iPhone” unless you of course are using Xink within your company!

Business may have changed, but it hasn’t changed that much. Your clients still want to see the professional brand they’re paying handsomely to engage with, and you can deliver that expectation through your email signatures. Clients don’t want to feel like an afterthought. Yet, that’s exactly the message you send out each time your email doesn’t come with a branded and crafted email signature.

So while your Apple Watch emails aren’t able to further indulge you in poor email etiquette and missed visibility opportunities just yet, we can expect that a response capability for Apple Watch emails is only a version or two away.

So your Apple Watch email signature will not say “Sent from my Apple Watch” no matter if you want it or not. And I don’t think your clients care much how you responded and from which device, just as long as it is a professionally looking response. Right?