Email Apps for Mobile Devices — Review from a Branding Perspective

This article has been a lot of fun to write, even if it’s taken quite some time due to the number of tests I’ve run. As part of my research for this post, I have tested all kinds of email apps, on all kinds of different platforms and devices. As a result, I can say definitively which email apps enable central management of email signatures and which provide a preview of your branded email signature while you’re composing the email.

Thankfully, it’s also allowed me to come up with a solution in cases where a device stubbornly refuses to support a preview of your email signature.

Should you have to settle for second best, email rerouting will likely meet your needs. Put plainly, we know everything about email signature management at Xink – and now also for your email apps!

Email Apps and Email Signatures: The Odd Couple

As you’re likely aware, some email apps (or programs, if you like) display an email signature while you’re composing the email. The best example is Microsoft Outlook. Of course, this is not new. In fact, this has been possible almost since the birth of email programs.

Strangely though, some email apps don’t. Which leads us to the question we’re looking to answer – when can you see a centrally controlled, branded email signature while composing your email, and when can you not?

We get a lot of the same questions from our clients. Questions like:

Most of the questions we field on a daily basis are design-related. The general theme concerns how email signatures will be displayed while users are composing their email messages. The answer varies based on the email app that is being used, unfortunately.

Which Email App is for You?

To answer this question once and for all, we have reviewed today’s most used email apps for desktop and mobile. In the chart below, we tell you if a centrally managed email signature can be displayed in the email app or not, AND whether or not you have to settle for an email signature that must be manually inserted. We want to give you the best options possible, and in our world, that means enabling you to see the branded email signature while composing the email.

If this is not possible, there is a solution: email rerouting. In this scenario, you will have to reroute the email through Xink’s servers, where the email signature will be added. Perhaps not ideal in many cases, but it is a very good solution, and one we’re quite proud of, which we’re going to release very soon.

So, on to the chart!

Email apps for mobile and desktop
(A further note to Gmail app: This only works on Gmail app for iPhone and not Android)

A variety of email apps exist in addition to those listed above, but I have chosen to highlight the most widely used apps as of this article’s writing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile-specific email apps, email rerouting tends to be the only option for email signature inclusion. Currently, none allow external updating of the signatures – only your fingers can update them! But like we said, there is a solution.

Xink Email Rerouting App – A Solution for All Devices

Regarding the email rerouting option, we are pleased to say that this feature will be included as a part of Xink’s email signature management soon. Our goal is for the Xink Rerouting App to act as a supplement to the many other apps and integration options that currently come standard with Xink.

With the Xink Rerouting App, a whole host of functionalities that have previously been out of reach will suddenly become available to you.

For example, you will be able to change the text “Sent from my iPhone” after the email has been sent – like in the illustration below: Email Apps for mobile In fact, you can use our email rerouting solution not only for your iPhone’s email signature, but with other devices as well, such as the iPad or any other device that currently limits control over email signature management.

At Xink, our goal is to let you see your signature while you’re composing an email message, because we think it provides the best user experience.

However, if for any reason this is not possible, we will offer you the next best thing – our email rerouting option. Make your email app work for you – not against you!


*The email signature cannot be seen, but this app takes the email signature from Gmail and uses it when sending the email from this email app.

**Only plain text version is supported by Microsoft for this email app (why, Microsoft??!)

***The email signature can sync across devices, but cannot be externally updated.

****Unfortunately, Apple Mail is so buggy that it crashes when a signature is updated from outside the program. We hope it will get fixed by Apple soon so that we can add this support.