Google’s Gmail mobile app can be used to access a personal Gmail account or the company’s new G Suite suite of products (formerly Google Apps for Work). Google claims that…

With G Suite, information can flow freely between devices, apps, people and teams, so great ideas never get left in the margins again.

But is it really that simple? Does G Suite perform as advertised, particularly on mobile devices?

At Xink, we set out to discover the answers to these questions. And that is because we know first-hand that Google’s Gmail app handles email signatures on Android and iPhone devices in slightly different ways. So it should perhaps come as no surprise that the same is true of G Suite (in fact, on Android devices, G Suite is a bit lacking — but more on that below).

Needless to say, it pays to know the differences between these platforms, as your user experience will differ based on the phone in your pocket. So let’s see if your device and G Suite make ideal bedfellows.



On an iPhone, you can integrate the Gmail app with G Suite easily; just add your account and voila! There you go! Once you’ve added your account, you will see your emails among other documents and products.

Gmail app email settings


By default, the Gmail app will use the email signature that you’ve added to G Suite via Xink, and use this when sending emails. It works like a gateway solution, meaning the signature is added as the email is sent. It is not visible while composing the email, but it is received and displayed to the recipient.

Gmail App Settings - Setting Signature to "On"


If the “Mobile Signature” setting is “On,” then you can write your own signature, but as stated above, this signature will not be displayed when you are composing your email message (in other words, you won’t see it, but know that it’s there). But it is added as the email is sent.

Gmail app Email Compose screen (minus signature)


When replying to emails in an email thread, the signature will be added to the bottom of the email. Hence, you will have signature stacking. All of these limitations are the fault of G Suite alone. Trust us, we wish we had more control over how Google displays and formats its email signatures! Unfortunately, it’s take it or leave it.

Email body with signature attached.



Sadly, on Android devices, nothing seems to work. The Gmail app on Android does not read the signature from G Suite so it has to be edited yourself if you wish to attach your signature to your outgoing email messages. Thankfully, there is a solution, even if it may seem a bit severe: Switch to iPhone! Or ask Google to provide better support for signatures in Gmail on Android devices. We have a feeling that for you Android users out there, this will be the preferred means of protest!

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