We are pleased to announce the launch of our admin app for iPhone! With our Admin app, you can check usage statistics, browse through your application details, and even view your stored email signatures, right from your phone. And of course, the app is completely free to use in connection with your Xink subscription, even in trial. To download the app, simply search for “Xink” in Apple’s App Store. You will find the following:

App Store Download


The Xink admin app for iPhone in iTunes

Once you have downloaded our admin app, simply log in using your existing credentials to Xink administration. You need to be administrator of Xink to log in. You will find the login page to be simple and intuitive.

Xink admin app for iPhone - login page

On the application’s homepage, you will see three separate options:

  1. Signature Information
  2. Campaign Statistics
  3. Account Information

Xink admin app for iPhone - homepage

Selecting any one of these three options will bring you to its respective page. On the Signature Information page of our admin app, you will find a variety of fields. Information on this page includes data relating to user updates and the number of email signatures in use, as well as access to your default email signature and reply to signature.

Xink admin app for iPhone - Signature Information

Clicking on the default email signature actually allows you to view the signature itself, so that you’re never unsure of which email signature is being sent out.

Xink admin app for iPhone - default signature

On the Campaign Statistics page, you will find all of the information you need to understand the overall picture of your email campaign as it stands. This includes the number of campaigns that are currently running, as well as status information on:

Under each of these fields, you can see how many clicks you have received, as well as whether or not the particular function is active or disabled.

Xink admin app for iPhone - Campaign Statistics

Finally, under Account Information, you will find data relating to your company’s Xink account. This includes the license renewal data, number of active users, and invoice email address.

Xink admin app for iPhone - Account Information

We have designed the Xink admin app with ease of use in mind; ultimately, we want to provide you with a clear picture of the current status of your Xink account, no matter where you are. Simply bring up our admin app on your iPhone, and you will get an overview of everything from your current default email signature to specific information regarding your active campaigns. Did we mention that it’s free?

Download the Xink admin app from Apple’s App Store today!