iPhone email signatures.. What’s the Matter with them?

There’s no way around it, the built-in iPhone email app with it’s boring iPhone email signatures ‘Sent from my iPhone’ is widely used but is also one of the most out-dated apps out there. Sorry to say, but it is. This is the app we’re talking about:

iPhone email signatures

First of all read this: “iPhone Email app sends all new emails out in plain text format!!”

Microsoft Outlook (and other email programs from the 90’s) sent out emails per default in plain text 20 years ago, but Outlook switched to HTML long time ago. HTML email are really not that dangerous anymore – believe us! This means that you completely lack any way of being able to send out a nice email with nice iPhone email signatures in it.

Second of all the iPhone email app is known for removing images you have in your email signature when you use the app to reply. It’s amazing that Apple still can get away with this and still keeping it as one of the primary email apps used on mobile.

But nonetheless this is how it is so we have some tricks for you. We’ll make your iPhone emails stand out from the crowd and on top of that remove “Sent from my iPhone” with really nice iPhone email signatures.

How to Force your iPhone Emails to HTML format instead of plain Text

A major part of your emails on iPhone being ugly is because of the fact that the iPhone email app send out new emails in plain text format. In fact it is possible with one simple trick to force the emails to be send out in HTML format instead.

The trick is to format the iPhone email signatures or parts of them in e.g. bold. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘signature’ field
    iPhone Email Signatures2. Select the signature text by double-tapping it and a formatting menu will appear:
    iPhone Email Signatures3. Choose ‘B/U’ and then select Bold, i.e. you write the full text in bold. Now click ‘< Mail’ and you are done.
    4. Emails sent out now will be in HTML. If you want to add an image to that signature, please read this blog post on how to do that.
    5. And you get rid og ‘Sent from my iPhone’!! Now you have proper iPhone email signatures.

iPhone email signatures with Xink Rerouting feature for Office 365

Xink rerouting feature is an option for you to use as a Xink customer – it works with Office 365. In all simplicity we replace the text {EMAILSIGNATURE} with your default signature from Xink (which is the signature you also see in Outlook, Outlook on the web and in other places if you are using our integration facilities).

So when you set up your iPhone email signatures to use rerouting you just need to replace the signature with {EMAILSIGNATURE} and when you send the email, the recipient will see it beautifully branded like this:

iPhone Email signatures

So if you want to make sure that your iPhone sends out the email in HTML and hence will apply the nice email signature with your logos and links you need to force the iPhone email signatures to be formatted in e.g. bold, it can also be underline or italic.

If you do not format your iPhone email signatures text, it will just send the email out in plain text, and hence add your plain text email signature from Xink which means no pictures, no logos, no social links.

Always remember this tip when dealing with iPhone email signatures.

How to update your iPhone email signatures manually with images

In fact you can add images to your iPhone email signatures without even using Xink, this mostly applies if you are a private person sending private emails.

Read our blog post about this topic. This describes how to do this manually.

So to Sum up your iPhone Email Signatures Lesson: