Download Xink Admin App for your iPhone Today

Imagine that you want to have a quick glance at your email signature statistics and how your campaigns perform. Usually you would log on to Xink by using your web browser but why not use the Xink Admin app for your iPhone instead?

iPhone Signature

To install it, search for ‘Xink’ in the App Store and install the app on your iPhone. You will find a variety of different features that are useful, such as:

Signature Overview and Information

iPhone Signature

When you log in (by entering your Xink login credentials), you see the menu. To get started, click ‘Signature Information’. When you do so, you will see the screen above. You can see how many active users you have, as well as how many email signature templates are in use. In this example we have 12 signature templates in use distributed among 210 users.

Now you can preview your “default signature” and see how it looks on your iPhone:

iPhone Signature preview

Here you can see how your email signature will look on your iPhone before your release it. Don’t second guess and take a big risk to deploy an iPhone signature which might not look good and harm your brand. Use our Signature Preview to get the exact signature you’re after.

Email Signature Campaign Statistics right at your palm!

Getting email signature campaign statistics right there on your iPhone is as easy as viewing your email signature templates. Just choose ‘Campaign Statistics’ in the menu in your Xink App, and you will get an instant overview of your performance on signatures with campaigns:

iPhone Signature

You see instantly how many clicks a certain campaign has had while it has been active, as well as information on inactive campaigns and their past clicks. Consider getting more clicks by following our guide to better CTAs in your iPhone signature.

How Do I Get the Xink App for iPhone?

Simple! Get it from App Store by following this link or search for “Xink” in App Store:

iPhone Signature

Enjoy it!