IT and Marketing professionals are the typical decision-makers when it comes to finding a clever way to manage company email signatures.

But if you have a different background, do not hold yourself back! The Xink platform is intuitive and user-friendly – from set-up to daily management of signatures and campaigns. You don’t need any technical background. And we speak your language – whether it’s from a technical, marketing, or other business perspective!


6 Reasons Why to Choose Xink for IT and Marketing Professionals

If you need a bit of reassurance of whether to go with Xink to manage your company email signatures, look no further. We’ll tell you the arguments you need for any go-ahead right here:


1. Browser-Based Platform with Great Integration Options

IT and Marketing

Xink is much more than a simple software product. With Xink you can manage company-wide email signatures and leverage email signatures for marketing purposes all in the same platform, no matter if you are use G Suite, Office 365 or another platform.

Xink is managed via an intuitive browser-based interface. This allows you to access your account from any connected device, including your phone or tablet. And we integrate your email service with your favorite third-party applications, such as Campaign Monitor, Customer Thermometer, SalesForce, Zendesk etc.

This makes it easier to brand your company and market your products and services. And of course to maintain better relationships with email contacts!


2. Schedule and Segment Email Signature Campaigns

Create professional marketing campaigns for your email signatures! Use the space below the contact details as an opportunity to promote your social media profiles, highlight new products and services, show company awards, tell about event sponsorships, drive traffic to new content on your website etc.

Email signature marketing dashboard with Xink CampaignEmail Signatures Marketing Dashboard


The Xink platform makes it easy to schedule, target and track results. Understand and learn how your email signature marketing campaigns are performing, see click-through tracking and analytics.


Visible email signature when composing

3. See Your Signature While You Compose Your Emails

We offer both a server-side AND a client-side app. This allows you to actually see your email signature while composing your email. So stay on top of your branded, out-going email communication and check how it looks before you send out your emails.  You can choose between your pre-defined signatures to ensure a perfect fit for your email correspondence, including a targeted campaign message. 

4. Role-Based Log-Ins

Think of role-based logins as access privileges. As a Xink administrator, you determine who sees what when they log in. To provide peace of mind and ensure that nothing is meddled with that shouldn’t be, administrators will have certain privileges that common Xink users do not (being able to modify email signature templates, or set up email signature marketing campaigns, for example). This guarantees that marketing campaigns, email signatures, and database information isn’t accidentally corrupted, deleted, modified, or tampered with. With our email signature platform, only those people who should have the keys get the keys.

5. Safe Data

Your company data is safe and protected with Xink in our secure ISO 27001 certified data center (Microsoft Azure). We can store and process your data in a data center location of your own choice. If your company is located in Europe, you can request the data to be stored and processed only within the European borders in our data center in Amsterdam. And if your company is in the US, then your data is safely stored in the US.

6. A Trusted Partner Worldwide

Since we hit the global email signature space in 2009, we have played a key role in developing the field to what it is today. This makes us one of the most established and experienced companies in the industry with thousands of customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Our customers know that they can rely on our solid expertise and help when they need us. We might not have seen it all, but we sure have seen a lot! 


More information

Reach out to us at Xink if you have any questions or comments – or need more facts about IT and Marketing with Xink! We can’t wait to hear from you!