With Xink, individual control is the name of the game. This extends not only to your administrators, but to an extent, your users as well. Though our goal is to simplify email signature management, we understand that in many cases, you can’t simply push one email to all users. That is why we let your employees update their own signatures. And not just on a department-by-department basis, but down to the individual.

User-based Logins & Unique Permissions

It works with user or role-based login accounts. Some users, like your administrators, will have access to everything under the hood. Other users, like your employees, will only have access to what you grant them. This allows us to give different users different permissions. If you are happy with a general template that you would like to push to all of your employees, you can create one and publish it using Xink. You can then let your employees go in and adjust the fields that will be unique for them: email address, phone number, LinkedIn account, title, etc. They can even upload a photo of themselves!

With our Windows client app, the power is in your employees’ hands — so long as you decide to hand them the keys. So why would you want to do this? Well, there are many reasons. Ease of administration, to let users feel a greater degree of self control, to help ensure information accuracy at all times, or simply to add individual user control of all elements in the signature so that you aren’t constantly hammered with requests to update your employees’ signatures on their behalf. Really, it comes down to convenience, flexibility, and efficiency.

Common Reasons for Enabling Individual Control

Individual control XInk

Put simply, even with a template, the odds are good that no two email signatures in your company are going to be the same. With Xink, they will all look the same, of course. That’s the important part. Consistency and uniformity are key elements of branding. If you want your email messaging to shine — and to look professional — then it’s important that certain fundamentals are met.

But they won’t be the exact same, unless you choose to strip all of the individuality from your corporate communications. And that is because your employees all have different names, titles, phone numbers, LinkedIn accounts, and faces! Which is why Xink lets you let your employees update this information on their own, so you don’t have to. If your company has hundreds of employees (to say nothing of thousands), this feature saves you a lot of work.

Happy Emailing!

At Xink, we’re happy if you’re happy. Our email signature marketing platform is a terrific tool for marketers, business owners, and branding strategists, in part because we give you options. We have designed Xink to be flexible, powerful, and effective, all while being easy to use. We think that you’re going to enjoy it. Especially when it saves you from having to answer request after request from employees and co-workers asking to have a minor detail in their email signature updated. With Xink, they can do it themselves with individual control!

Get Control. Get Xink.