Email signatures are not just for external use. Especially if you run a large corporation or business, you can use the company email signatures for internal use, too. Internal email signatures can be a great channel to share internal news, achievements, competitions, etc. within your company.

Furthermore, is it a good idea to have a “light” version of your normal signature for internal use. There is really no need to send fully detailed contact information in internal emails when you have the choice to set up multiple signatures. You can also set up rules for specific employee groups/departments/locations. By setting up rules, you can easily push content relevant to only selected end-users. To do this, you need an email signature platform such as Xink.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how to use internal email signatures.

Promote Knowledge Resources

Does your company have its own Wiki for internal best practices, documentation, employee resources, and other miscellaneous information that may be of interest to co-workers? Then consider referencing this knowledge base right in the email signature! You may also have internal channels/fora that you can drive employees to, such as an intranet or internal websites, social media pages/groups etc.

Rather than constantly fielding questions from employees on where and how they can view such documents, you can lead them straight to the source. A simple, clickable banner at the bottom of every internal email can save your IT, HR, or marketing departments both time, energy, and money. In other words, don’t keep internal knowledge bases hidden, make them public!

Encourage Employee Engagement & Recognition

To help promote corporate loyalty and camaraderie, you may want to consider adopting employee recognition programs or implementing team-building exercises. These platforms offer your organization the ability to keep your employees engaged with their team members and their work. This can help foster loyalty and enthusiasm for the job (and the company). At the end of the day, happy workers are productive workers! Therefore, anything that can be done to help boost employee morale is advantageous to the entire company.

To promote such platforms, use the email signature space for internal communications. For instance, you can invite employees to nominate others for awards or recognition or ask for feedback on upcoming company outings. Give your employees a reason to engage with internal communications. So often employees simply ignore the bottom half of email messages, as they don’t think there’s anything of note or importance. Therefore, give them a reason to keep scrolling, and more importantly, to participate.

Ideas for campaigns in internal email signatures:

Use Internal Email Signatures for Announcements, Events, & News

Use the internal email signatures to educate your employees on internal news, upcoming events, company announcements, fundraising initiatives and more. Maybe your company supports a certain cause?

It is really just up to your imagination and creativity what content you want to promote via the signatures within your company. If you would like to know more about how to do this with the Xink platform, just reach out to us at any time. We’re here to help!

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