19 Tools To Increase Your Email Marketing Performance

Email is one of the few marketing channels that has been around practically since the inception of the internet because it continues to adapt at a rapid pace. The people who run effective email campaigns do so, in large part, because they understand these fundamental changes and can give their readers what they want.

While properly leveraging the best email marketing software available won’t help you create engaging content that your audience will love, it will allow you to serve more relevant content to your audience, test campaigns, improve visuals and create a better experience in general for people who are already inundated with poorly crafted emails on a daily basis.

With that being said, here’s the best of the best…

Behavioral Emails


Vero – Behavioral based email marketing software that allows you to send emails to your readers based on the actions they take on your site, giving you the ability to better communicate with customers and prospects.When done right, the ability to personalize your emails will drastically increase your conversions and the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.


Emma – Emma offers a suite of email marketing services that help you automate, track and segment emails based on your customers’ on-site behaviors. It allows you to personalize your marketing and transactional emails, all while educating you on how to market to your audience based on the data it collects and then formats into visual representations making reading data a piece of cake.


SendWithUs – The Y-Combinator backed startup is giving brands the ability to easily set up, manage, track and test transactional emails.


Intercom – Allows you to see in real-time who is using your product and how, which allows brands to send more personalized email messages to provide their visitors with value rather than annoying them with irrelevant email blasts.

Email Marketing Automation


Drip – If you just want a basic, uncomplicated tool to deliver drip email marketing campaigns, Drip will do just that. While other tools have similar features to Drip, they often involve more complexities that aren’t always necessary for SMBs. Nurturing leads allows you to ‘warm up’ prospects before you sell them on your solution.


MailChimp – MC is one of the easiest, most intuitive email marketing tools available. It’s quick (and free!) to start using, in which you can scale up to paid plans as your business grows. They even released a new email automation tool recently, which looks like a great compliment to ManDrill, another amazing product that MailChimp operates.


Userfox (recently acq’d by AdRoll) – Allows marketers to build, test, and segment emails in one solution, including marketing, transactional & newsletter emails.

Email Design


RebelMail – While emails are great at getting a message in front of people, it’s often difficult to receive a direct response from email recipients because clicking through a link is slow and cumbersome. This is why RebelMail allows email readers to interact with the email directly, and enter in relevant information without ever leaving their email client. It’s a super simple way of getting people to actually respond your marketing and transactional emails.


Cinegif – Grabbing the attention of email recipients is tough. Cinegif allows marketers to create ‘FIGs’, which is an engaging piece of rich media similar to a GIF, but much less limiting, allowing marketers to build multilayer collages, track views, clicks and hover time as well as the fact that it’s compatible on all devices.


campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor – CM allows marketers to create beautiful emails with stunning templates that allow you to drag & drop your creatives, all while tracking everything and allowing marketers to A/B test with ease.


TinyLetter – Another great product from MailChimp, TinyLetters allows people to easily setup & manage newsletters. It’s perfect for businesses and individuals looking to keep things simple, and for those who do not care for all of the additional features most software’s come with.

Grow Your Email List


SumoMe – If you’re looking for a suite of free email list building tools, SumoMe is what you need. You can create smart, less-annoying popups, scroll down email lead boxes, offer visitors the option to share images on your site and more.

bounce exchange

BounceExchange – You may have noticed that when you decide to leave a site, a popup appears offering you some sort of incentive to stay or opt-in with your email address. These are often from BounceExchange, which allows companies to display exit-intent popups while BounceExchange creates, manages and tests various creatives ensuring for maximum exposure. Highly effective for sites with a lot of traffic.

Ouibounce – If you’re looking for an exit-intent popup but are looking for a free alternative, (XX) is your answer. It’s an open-source project developed by Carl Sedanoui, who also happens to be the founder of MailCharts, which allows you to track & understand how your competitors use email marketing, which can be insanely powerful.

Email Sustainability


Litmus – There are so many variables when it comes to sending emails across various different email clients that it’d be crazy not to check how each email looks before sending it out, which is exactly what Litmus allows you to do. On top of this, Litmus allows you to check for broken links, track your email campaign’s performance, and make sure your email won’t end up in a spam folder. In other words, Litmus makes sure your beautiful emails do exactly what you hoped they would without facing any unforeseen issues that could cripple a campaign.


SendGrid – The world’s largest email infrastructure as a service provider, allowing companies to successfully send transaction & marketing emails at scale, without worrying about all of your emails ending up in a spam folder or bouncing.


Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox, so keeping your team equipped with the right email software can have a significant impact on your marketing efforts.

As marketers are increasingly being held liable to track, measure and iterate on campaigns, it’s absolutely essential to have the right software in place so both technical and non-technical marketers can make changes without needing a developer or designer to create marketing materials, especially while testing various creatives. So, instead of looking at the price of these softwares and seeing them as an added expense, think of the amount of time and frustration it will save your time, adding more value back into your business.

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