Announcement: A/B Test Your Email Signature Campaigns!

It’s an age-old problem. How do you know if your marketing campaign is effective if you have nothing to compare it to? Without a baseline or comparable alternative, you’re simply throwing shots in the dark. Sure, your campaign may be yielding results, but is it yielding the results that it should be? Are you maximizing your potential and achieving the reach that you want? Without comparing one campaign to the other, there’s no way to tell. And this is as true for email signature campaigns as it is for billboards, display ads, video marketing, or any other marketing medium.

Email signature campaign A/B Testing

This fundamental element of marketing has lead us to develop A/B testing of email signature campaigns. With Xink’s new A/B testing feature, not only can you compare different pieces of marketing collateral to fine-tune your approach and arrive at an optimized marketing message, but our cloud-based system does it automatically. The process is actually quite simple. It entails the following steps:

  1. Add one email signature campaign (Campaign A)
  2. Add another email signature campaign (Campaign B)
  3. Run these email signature campaigns concurrently for a given period of time

That’s it! That’s all that is required – Xink will take care of the rest. Once both campaigns are being run concurrently, Xink will measure response by tracking click-through rates. This provides an objective means of evaluating materials that are often judged in purely subjective terms.

Over time, a sufficient amount of data will exist to determine which of the two campaigns are more effective. Once this has been established, Xink will roll out the better performing of the two across your email signatures. You can choose to let this optimized campaign run, or start the A/B testing process over by running a new email signature campaign against the campaign which “won” the previous A/B testing cycle.

A/B Testing of email signature campaigns will be refined to perfection

Xink’s A/B testing of email signature campaigns is not only hands-off and automatic, it is a tremendously valuable tool for marketers. With this functionality built into the Xink platform, you can constantly refine and optimize your email signature campaigns by benchmarking them against proven messaging.

You have never been able to do this before with such intelligence as you can do it now with Xink!

What’s not to like?