Black Friday is just around the corner!

This traditional American shopping day after Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest shopping events in many countries today – especially because it really kickstarts the Holiday season.


A cost-effective way to get more traffic

Thousands of companies are preparing for their special holiday offers right now. Did you think of using your company email signatures to leverage your Black Friday sales goals? Every time your employees sends an email, let that email highlight your special offers. This can help you get more traffic to your website in a very cost-effective way. At the same time you reach out to the people whom your employees are already in dialogue with.

Luckily, you can still make it in due time. It only takes minutes to set up a professional, branded email signature with Xink. It’s incredibly easy to customize your Black Friday or Holiday marketing campaigns.


Black Friday email signature examples

We’ve collected a few examples for inspiration.

1. Get traffic to your special sales by showcasing products and with a Call-To-Action.


Black Friday email-signature

2. Highlight specific Black Friday offers with a black background. Include a % discount number to draw attention and increase clicks.

Black Friday email-signature-brand


3. Use relevant images and bright colors in your marketing banner to draw attention to your shop and special offers.

Black Friday email-signature-befro

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Do you need help to get started?

To get started creating your email signatures in the Xink platform, you need to have your basic design (your company logo, your images for your campaign etc.) ready. For more specific information, please see our Tips to make your email signature design work great and our Email Signature Marketing Guide.

Contact us if you need help or have questions. We’re here to help!

We wish you lots of luck with your email signature marketing campaigns for the Holiday season.