Xink as a Platform for Distributing Your Company Email Signature

In this blog post, we will discuss Xink as a platform for distributing email signature designs – and how you can let your brilliant email signature designers do their job while leaving the distribution up to Xink. Don’t worry about complexity. Don’t worry about compatibility. Xink takes care of it.

Xink as a platform allows designers to work independently of other departments, including IT. In fact, if you want to make a great email signature design, you should probably leave it up to your designers – don’t attempt to do it yourself if you want good results! Their strong design skills and knowledge of html will enable them to make the perfect company email signature. Xink can then distribute the email signature designs that have been created, as well as make them available on the platforms and products you use.

But if design and distribution are separate, how can your email signature design specialists utilize Xink as a platform? The connection works something like this:


By using Xink, we offer your department or organization two layers of control:

  1. Email Signature Design
  2. Email Distribution

With our permissions control, you can create special “email signature design” users who have only certain permissions to your system. For example, you can limit these users’ access privileges, so that they are only able to create, manage, and apply your company email signature design. The other layer of control – email distribution management – allows administrators to control which email signatures are deployed to team members and by which rules these signatures are distributed. For example, should the email signature be deployed only to a certain group or section, or company-wide? Xink’s email distribution permissions allow you to decide in such scenarios.

Good Design is More than a Pretty Face

A good designer can create a beautiful and impactful image. But we know that email signature design experts are good at creating design that works, too! And when we say “works,” we mean actually works! They can make sure that images appear correctly, rather than as a red x; do not shrink, become distorted, or appear with incorrect formatting; and ensure that lines do not break if you have long titles or addresses. In other words, you can avoid the following by leveraging the talents of a skilled designer:

Put simply, a good designer will take everything and anything that has to do with the design – and compatibility – into consideration. This can mean the difference between a company email signature that is adored and effective, and one that puts a stain on your company’s reputation for quality control.

Utilize Your Tools Wisely

Xink is a platform for distributing company email signature designs. Xink gives your designers 100% freedom to create the designs they want within the borders of what emails can handle. With Xink, the sky is the limit on what your designers can achieve with your company email signature.

Let your email signature designers do what they do best – let them design your company email signature with creativity and ingenuity being their primary motivations. And let us do what we do best. We will make sure to distribute your email signature quickly and effortlessly through the Xink platform!