Email Signature Campaigns Explained in 5 Minutes

You can call this a tutorial or a webinar – at least it is a 5 minute explainer on how to use email signature campaigns in your email signatures for marketing purposes.

The email signature block is quickly becoming a heavily relied upon marketing channel for those in campaign management, lead gen and digital marketing roles. Xink makes it incredibly easy to create, manage and measure email signature campaigns. Check out this brief video to learn more.

Soon we include comprehensive analytics and metrics for you to measure and track the success of your email signature campaigns in Xink. You can easily track and measure opening rates and click-throughs and you can even see which the top performing campaign is. Use this to effectively and quickly find out which email signature campaign is the best performing campaign and hence optimize your marketing efforts in your email signature campaigns.

This is how the analytics page is going to look when the new user interface is released in the beginning of 2015 – tracking email signature campaigns and measuring their success is going to be easy:

Email signature campaigns

Please provide your feedback to – we’d love to hear from you!¬†Email signature campaigns just got very easy with Xink.