Email Signature Images are Dangerous! Or are they?

As a marketing professional, you would love it if everyone in your organization included the company logo in his or her email signature. After all, including a logo in correspondence can help increase brand awareness and brand impressions. This is a natural part of your job; it is not, however, a natural part of your co-workers’ or employees’ jobs. You can try to implement an email signature policy organization-wide, of course, but good luck getting that to stick.

In reality, you should just implement Xink’s email signature solution across your whole company’s user database. This will allow you to add email signature images quickly and easily. Of course, someone within your company will likely tell you how dangerous this is, and how you should avoid adding email signature images by all means. And that is because there still exists this outdated notion that you shouldn’t even think of adding graphics to your email signatures.

We’re here to tell you that nothing could be farther from the truth. Take it from us: you can and should include images in your email signatures.

Let’s take a look at some common myths regarding email signature images – and bust each and every one of them! This will be a blog post series stretching over a few weeks where we will bust email signature myths!

Myth #1: When adding email signature images, the size of the email increases.

Verdict: NOT TRUE.

At least, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s distinguish between an email signature that users make themselves and the email signatures generated by Xink, which can include a logo.

When you create your email signature in Outlook, you add your contact details along with other relevant or noteworthy information. You may even add a logo, likely by pasting it directly into the signature editor. We commend you for including a logo, but if you add it in this fashion, you are making a big mistake.

Consider this: an empty email signature in Outlook takes up a ton of space. Much more space than your email body text, in fact. Just to drive this point home, an empty email signature created in Outlook can take up at least 50kb of space! If you believe that your standard signature takes up no space, you’re wrong. Needless to say, adding a logo yourself to this “blank” email signature is cause for trouble.

To bring down the amount of space that the email signature takes up, you should deploy your email signatures with Xink instead including the email signature images. An  email signature generated with Xink usually takes up around 2kb of space! That’s nothing. Now you can feel free to add an email signature images – e.g. your company logo – one that is tailored for your email signature in the correct size and format – without having to feel guilty. With Xink, adding a logo adds some 5 kb of space to your email signature. Let’s put it this way: an email signature with a logo that is generated by Xink takes up significantly less space than a blank email signature generated by Microsoft Outlook.

So let’s take another look at this myth. In plain terms, it isn’t true. You can save plenty of space by using Xink to deploy an email signature with full graphical expression – including your company logo!

Stay Tuned for More Myths!

We’re just getting started! Sadly, the myth that you can’t or shouldn’t include email signature images is rather pervasive. We’re here to dispel that notion and introduce a much needed counter argument into the conversation! Expect next follow-up myth busting soon!