Email Signature Myth Busting! Shouldn’t I Worry About Logo Attachments?

In this series of email signature myth busting, we discuss the popular consensus that images which are embedded in your email signature will automatically be converted into a logo attachment on the recipient’s end. Read further to learn the truth of the matter. As always, we’re here to bust some myths about email signature logo attachment and email signature images!

Myth #4: A paper clip will appear in my message if I include an image (logo attachment).

Verdict: NOT TRUE.

What is true is that this may occur if you incorrectly format your email signature. Again, read all of our email signature myths to get a good grasp of how your email signatures should be formatted. If you do not follow our guidelines, it is certainly possible that an image in your email signature will show up as a logo attachment, with a paper clip icon. It will likely result in the email being too large as well. Remember though, this isn’t because you included an image – it’s because your email signature is formatted incorrectly.

With Xink, your recipients will only see an attachment (and especially logo attachment) if there is an attachment. Period. Improperly formatted email signatures will trigger Outlook to show emails with attachments, but Xink prevents this.

One thing that is worth noting is that even though you may format the email properly, you never know what will happen to your email after you send it. Here are some examples of what can occur:

As you can see, images in email signatures don’t have to be your enemy and adding an image does not trigger the logo attachment to show. In fact, quite the contrary – they can be your friend! Don’t worry about adding images to your email any longer!

Add Images to Your Email Signature with Confidence

The four myths busted in this series of blog posts should help you realize that you can design beautiful and engaging email signatures – email signatures which are compelling and have good calls to action. It can be done!

It is not a trivial task to make a fantastic brand impression via your email signature, but if you’re in a marketing position, you already know this. Your company’s everyday email signatures represent the most brand impressions that you can dream of. Don’t squander that opportunity.

Just go ahead and get started!

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