Xink’s email signature marketing platform gives you limitless ways of how to use the email signature space as an engaging marketing channel. You can inspire your audience with news about your company. Tell the world about your latest awards or accreditations. Invite your clients to review your company. Or bring attention to your expert blog posts. The floor is yours. 

Align Email Signatures With Your Marketing Plan

It is always a good idea to plan ahead in time. Consider changing your email signature campaigns at set times (for instance every month or quarterly) so your brand message is consistent on all platforms. This can be a very cost-effective and easy way to showcase your company and increase conversion rates. 

Let your email signatures convey both your brand (your logo, pay-off, images, etc.) and your campaign message. This way you ensure consistent and professional impressions with every email, also on mobile platforms.

Care to get an example? Let’s take a look at how one of our Australian clients, PACK & SEND, works with email signature marketing.

New Quarter, New Content – and No Memos Needed!

In 2017 PACK & SEND started to work strategically on aligning their email signatures with their overall marketing plan. Each quarter the content of the employee email signatures across the company changes to fit the overall marketing campaigns and messaging of the company.

Tim Robinson, Digital Communications Manager at PACK & SEND, explained:

“Just before the next quarter starts we load new content into Xink in time for the next campaign to launch and then all of our franchisees will see that when they open their emails. It’s very easy, and we don’t have to send out a bulletin or memo to update them, it just happens in the background. This availability is really positive and saves a lot of time for us.”

Dedicated Campaigns to Increase Online Reviews

An example of very tangible content to put in your email signature campaigns is a link to give an online review of your company. It is a quick and easy way to get feedback from your email recipients. And it can boost your online reviews significantly.

Reviews in email signature - PACK & SEND

“As a customer-facing organization reviews are very important for us and they are very prominently placed on our website. We have experienced a 30% increase in reviews in the first six months we’ve used Xink and we’re very pleased with this result,” said Tim Robinson.

Give Email Signature Campaigns a Go

It’s easy to start using your company email signatures as a new marketing channel. The Xink platform is a perfect fit for Office 365 and G Suite users. We always offer free remote sessions and training so you can get off to a great start! Try a free 14-day trial today, ping us on LiveChat, or contact us if you have questions.

If you want to do learn more about how to turn your email signatures into an effective marketing channel, then take a look at our comprehensive guide. Or take a quick look at other email signature marketing examples!