Event Marketing and the Email Signature Block

Event marketing is a tough nut to crack. You’re often dealing with different regions, supporting different sales teams and working against finite time schedules to make sure you are driving attendance. If you remember to leverage your email signature as part of the process, you can see a greater impact and attendance at those shows.

Published: 8/1/2014 by Mike Puterbaugh

Hubpspot (one our favorite follows for great content marketing and growth strategies) and Eventbrite recently published an ebook, The State of Event Marketing, which includes data from a survey from over 500 marketers.  It’s a quick overview on what marketers are doing, and what they wish they could do better, when it comes to event marketing, something we all have to manage at some point or another.

When it comes to promoting events, there was some interesting data returned from the survey.

Respondents listed social (61%) and email (58%) as their most cost effective way of promoting events.  We all know that event marketing is a tough nut to crack – they’re often specific to regions, sales teams, and of course, time bands (which means you need to remember to turn the off!).

While not explicitly stated in the report, my educated guess it that majority of the respondents who chose email were talking specifically about mass (one:many) email marketing. Without a doubt, this definitely a cost-effective way to target and reach your prospects for industry and regional events.

However, we shouldn’t over look the email signature as a great way to amplify your event.  Why?

Well, here’s a few reasons why Xink is really helpful when it comes to getting the word out when it comes to promoting your trade show, event or industry conference:

  • Your employees send a ton of email every day! Yes, I’m talking about the peer-to-peer email that your employees send every day.  Every one of those emails is a brand impression and call to action waiting to happen.
  • You can segment your audience, easily. It might not be appropriate for the finance team to promote the event to their recipients, but for your sales, marketing and product teams, it probably makes sense.  You can set that segmentation very easily within Xink.
  • You can schedule it.  There’s nothing worse than being that neighbor on your street with their Christmas lights up in June.  The same can be said for the email signature block that is still promoting an event that was help 3 months ago. Xink allows you to schedule these promotions so that they only run when you want them to, expiring when you say so.  You can also set recurring events for items like user groups,which happen with a set frequency.
  • It’s measurable! This is the biggest advantage of using Xink to promote industry events and trade shows. You can measure click-thru to get an idea of which of your events was of the most interest to your audience.


Trade show marketing isn’t easy, and up until now, it was incredibly hard to measure.  Thankfully for Xink, that’s changed.

You can find the Hubspot/Eventbrite eBook here: http://offers.hubspot.com/the-state-of-event-marketing