What’s the most valuable asset your marketing team has? Some people might think it’s their marketing automation platform, because it allows them to reach more customers quickly.

However, when you stop to think about it, your most valuable asset isn’t your marketing asset platform, or any other piece of technology, for that matter. Your most valuable asset is your content, because without it, all the technology in the world won’t do you very much good. This is a big reasons why entire marketing departments are being reshaped to support the organization’s content strategy.

Think about it this way: marketing automation is like a machine, but it can’t run without high-quality content to serve as the fuel. In addition, there’s the small matter that creating good content is hard: it takes a lot of time and effort from talented marketing professionals, which also means that it isn’t cheap.

Your Content Strategy is the Fuel for your Marketing Engine

So, if your content is the most valuable asset your marketing team has, it should go without saying that anything that helps you get more use out of your existing content is a good thing. To put it quite simply, being able to put new life into your existing content is like putting money back into your budget and hours back into your employees’ days. ¬†Extending the life of your content needs to be a key part of your content strategy.

Unfortunately, finding new ways to use marketing content may be easier said than done. Your customers will generally decide in an instant whether or not your offers provide enough value to be worth downloading. Sending the same offers to customers who didn’t download the first first time will only serve to confuse and irritate them, making them less likely to pay attention to your offers in the future.

At the same time, resending offers to prospects who did download the first time serves no purpose, because it fails to provide them with value they didn’t get the first time, or move them further along in the sales cycle.

If you’ve run out of ideas for how to reuse your existing content, the answer may be right in front of you, in a place you look many times a day, but probably fail to pay any attention to: your employee email signatures. This valuable real estate can play a big role in your every-day content strategy.

An email signature is an effective place to reposition your marketing content because it allows you to offer your content to a different audience from the one that sees your marketing emails. With very little extra expense, you can put your content in front of thousands of new people every day in an unobtrusive manner, just by sending the emails that you and your employees already send.

This becomes even more valuable if the content in question was paid for as part of a sponsorship or promotional arrangement – every additional download, page view or conversion effectively pulls down the total cost of that asset, while driving up it’s ROI.

With Xink, you can centrally manage email signatures across your organization, ensuring that all of your employees’ signatures are highlighting the right content, announcements and offers at the right time. You can also segment your messages and calls-to-action to make sure you’re offering relevant content to the right audience.

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