In this fourth post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we take a look at timed marketing content in signatures. This is a great feature when you plan your marketing year. You can schedule marketing banners for selected employees well in advance (a year, several months, three weeks, four days…) of an event, a product launch, a branding campaign, etc.


How to Use Timed Marketing Content in Signatures?

The campaign banner option below the contact details in email signatures is a great opportunity to brand your business. But it can be quite the challenge to make this type of content stay updated and relevant across your business. It is not a good idea to involve employees in this task. Instead, you need a way to automate content and manage everything via a web portal such as Xink.




With Xink you can create email signature campaigns that target specific audiences. You can apply campaigns to only the employees that can best reach that specific audience, whether it is a location or a specific customer of a specific role or department.

You can plan ahead and use timed marketing content in signatures so the content fits your overall marketing initiatives on the exact day, time and hour for launch. Then you are sure that all employee signatures are consistent and an extra channel for engagement is in place.


Marketing in Gmail signature

Take a look at this step-by-step guide on How to Schedule Email Signature Campaigns with Xink.


Measure, Track, Learn, Improve

As all marketers know, if you can’t measure your work, then you have no idea if it’s working or not. When you set up your campaigns in Xink, you can measure it all with the in-built analytics tool to check the performance. You can also run A/B tests to find the right marketing campaign for the right audience.

To optimize your timed marketing content as much as possible, always remember to include clear, stand-out CTA buttons in your signature campaigns. It is not enough to just have the campaign banner below the signatures. You also need recipients to act on it to be able to measure the effect. Make the recipient engage with you via the campaign banner – and get those clicks coming! Use campaign banners to drive traffic to specific campaigns, events, seasonal promotions, landing pages etc.


Happy holidays email signature example cross-device


More Information and Help

If you’re looking for more information on timed marketing content in email signatures, then take a look What is Email Signature Marketing for some general information. If you want to see how to Target, Preview and Launch Email SIgnature Campaigns in the Xink Web Portal, then this help article is a good read!

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