What is Email Signature Marketing?

Do your company email signatures (still!) only include employee contact details and a logo? Then perhaps it’s time to start exploring the marketing opportunities of email signatures! But what is email signature marketing exactly? Basically, it is a marketing campaign, or “banner” if you will, that you add to the email signature below the contact details. […]

Published: 03-06-2019 by Louise Bech

Do your company email signatures (still!) only include employee contact details and a logo? Then perhaps it’s time to start exploring the marketing opportunities of email signatures! But what is email signature marketing exactly? Basically, it is a marketing campaign, or “banner” if you will, that you add to the email signature below the contact details. Use this effective and low-cost channel to get more out of your employees’ daily email communication: attract leads, drive traffic to your website, create great call-to-actions, grow brand awareness and much more!

Think about how many emails your company sends out every day. Why not leave branded impressions within every single one of these emails? Let’s take a look at how to do this.


What is Email Signature Marketing?

Below each of your company email signatures is a great marketing opportunity! Use the empty space below the employee’s contact details for marketing campaigns to showcase special offers, share news about your company, invite recipients to book a free demo, tell about a conference your company is attending and much more.



Ideally, you want to link the marketing campaigns to your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you have invested a lot of money in attending a big conference, you have probably also produced specific marketing materials for the event. Use the same style and messaging in the email signatures!

Are you now thinking: But I don’t want to push marketing content for a certain event out to all employee email signatures (maybe because your company has departments in many different countries, or this event is only relevant to a specific audience)? Great news! With Xink, you can easily segment the marketing campaigns to specific employee groups, departments, countries etc. In fact, you have endless opportunities in how you want the email signatures to look for specific employees, and you can change the marketing banners as often as you want.


What is Email Signature Marketing Best Practice?


  1. Your email signature marketing content should be aligned with your overall branding. So think about your color schemes, font types, messaging on other platforms etc. Make sure it is easy to see that the email signature design is an integrated part of your brand. You don’t want to confuse your recipient with odd-looking content that doesn’t instantly resemble your company brand.
  2. Always include a clear CTA in your email signature marketing. Why? This will help the recipient make the action you want – whether it is to direct him/her to a certain page on your website, your latest blog post, a landing page, your social media platforms, request reviews, to book a demo, to download an ebook etc.
  3. Keep it simple, neat and elegant! Don’t put more than one CTA or too many images in your marketing campaign. You might have more than one favorite, but your recipient only needs to see one. So kill a darling or two;-)
  4. Make sure your design is responsive so it automatically adjusts to all screen sizes. If you use an email signature platform like Xink, you never go wrong. The platform automatically helps you size it for all devices, and email clients for that matter!
  5. You can include videos or animations to attract attention in the marketing campaign. Just be aware of how some email clients won’t show the content. If you are in doubt, reach out to us! We know all about what will work and how you can create alternative signatures.
  6. Target your content to a relevant audience! Think about your message and who it will interest. Perhaps the best option is to run several different email signature marketing campaigns? Use an email signature platform like Xink to manage your campaigns – it’s incredibly easy! You have the full overview of all campaigns, across geography, departments and employee groups, and you can use them both for internal use between your employees or external stakeholders. You can schedule ahead in time so you always keep your email signature marketing aligned with your overall marketing content.
  7. Learn from your campaigns! With Xink’s great in-built analytics tool, you can easily track all results from your campaigns. Which campaigns got the most clicks? In which countries? What device were they opened on? What employee email signature performed best? We give you all the data you need to improve your campaigns and drive great results! More on Email Signature Analytics.

Perhaps our Email Signature Marketing Guide or this blog post on email signatures as an engaging marketing channel might interest you, too?


Use Cases


So what is email signature marketing used for in practice? Let’s look at a couple of inspirational examples from Xink customers.

Take a look at this example from Swiftpak, a UK-based packaging supplier. Swiftpak uses email signature marketing as part of their monthly promotions. The clickable banner is linked to a specific landing page for that campaign.

  • Swiftpak uses Xink to manage email signatures and marketing campaigns in signatures.
  • Note how the brand colors are used in both the contact details and the marketing campaign below which gives a professional, branded impression.
  • The marketing campaign text is short and to the point – and even has an incentive (get a freebie).
  • The call-to-action is designed as part of the illustration and has a clear offer: “Get your free demo now”. Note also how the wrapping rolls stick out of the banner frame for an eye-catching effect.
  • Below the green marketing campaign, there is an additional banner with icons and short facts that convey even more information about the company.
  • The email signature marketing campaign also includes links to review on Trustpilot and social media platforms.
  • The company information is elegantly placed below with a smaller font and link to the company website.
  • Finally, the email signature includes a disclaimer, which is the law in certain countries. Many companies include a disclaimer for reasons such as confidentiality, copyright, contract formation etc.


Rebranding your business?


Another great email signature marketing example is from Numerator, a US-based omnichannel data company. The company recently brought together two companies and rebranded to the Numerator name. The marketing department used the email signature as an active part of their rebranding marketing strategy.

Email signature marketing - Numerator

  • Note how Numerator creates an elegant visual link between the company logo, the social media icons, and the actual marketing banner design by using the same green color and design.
  • A clear message “We are now Numerator.” combined with a CTA button to learn more about the company stands out on the dark background. A great, eye-catching marketing banner to drive traffic to their website – which of course has the same design and colors as the email signature!


Take a closer look at Email Signature Design in this guide!


Upgrade Your Signatures Now!


Email signature marketing can be used by companies of all sizes and in all industries. So spice up those emails today with some great looking content – that will help you drive more traffic to your websites and get you more leads! By now you should have an idea of “what is email signature marketing”, but we’re always here to help!

Please reach out and Book a free 1:1 demo of the Xink platform or go ahead a try Xink with a free 14-day trial – no commitments.

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