Xink marks a new beginning for us. Yet we are not a startup. We have been offering our solution for a handful of years, and have thousands of customers who have been with us from the very start. We don’t offer a revolutionary new solution to a new problem, we just offer the best solution for an evolving need. Xink marks a rebirth of our mission and vision.

Xinks marks a new beginning in the customer persona we are serving. Xink marks a new beginning of an underutilized content marketing channel.

Xink is the rebirth of eMailSignature.

When Bjarne started BrandedMails, it was to solve a simple problem. Managing email signature templates in Microsoft Outlook was a pain in the behind. As is typical of Microsoft, Exchange was an over engineered software which did not provide the administrator an easy way to set, control and roll-out the email signature templates. When Bjarne finally cracked the code, he decided to rename the company eMailSignature and started selling his software as a downloadable app that installed on the on-premise Exchange server.  That was in the heydays of installed software, before SaaS and before the Cloud. It was his first foray into helping organizations with their branding strategies.

Up until now, eMailSignature had the IT Administrator as its primary buyer/user persona. The buying cycle would typically start with the business owner noticing that employees were not using consistent email signatures, and in some cases the signatures were borderline inappropriate. So he or she would walk over to the marketer and demand that this be fixed. The marketer in turn would march over to the IT admin, because invariably he was in charge of the email server. And that’s when the IT admin called on Bjarne.

Our world has started to change in two fundamental ways

First, delivering software as a service through the cloud. We have made that change and so has Microsoft with Office 365. Our product is now available as a cloud solution, interfacing with both on-premise, hosted and cloud based Exchange (and soon Gmail). Why does this matter?  Because now the marketer can be the buyer and user of our solution. Yes, the IT admin still needs to help with the implementation, but that is not as big a deal anymore.

Engaging the Marketer is a big change for us. Hence Xink.

Second, the explosion of online marketing. More and more marketing has moved online and it has reached a critical mass. Marketers have exhausted many online marketing channels, especially outbound email marketing. Companies like HubSpot and ExactTarget have exploded in growth, yet have not recently offered any new channels to push content. This is as much about enabling new traffic, lead and conversion channels as it is driving branding strategies.

Marketers need new online marketing channels. Xink is that marketing channel.

The email signature is a massively underutilized marketing channel.

What makes the email signature a good online marketing channel?  For one, emails sent by employees are trusted. Second, they are primarily targeted at the right stakeholder persona (prospect, customer, partner, employee, investor, board member). Third, there’s thousands of them sent everyday from your company…  and millions by all your stakeholders and their colleagues.

Expanding our focus from Brand Consistency to Campaign Management through email signatures. Hence Xink.

In order to advance the market and the product, eMailSignature had to make a holistic shift in its approach. The brand must be devoted to marketers – product, service and resources – to truly broaden the understanding of the platform’s potential.

And so we took on a rebrand journey.

We transformed ourselves from eMailSignature to Xink.

Today you see it through our web presence. Very soon, you will see it through product interface.

Welcome Xink.

Welcome to Xink.