Xink is an email signature platform. But what does that really mean and what are the possibilities and opportunities this gives you? Get the full overview of our two email signature options: Xink Brand or Xink Campaign. This will help you decide which option is the best fit for your company’s needs.


Email Signature Management with Xink Brand or Xink Campaign

An email signature can roughly be considered as a space where you have the chance to present your brand in the best possible way. This includes your company logo, contact information and links to social media. On top of that, your email signature is a marketing space just sitting there waiting for you to grab it and use it for marketing purposes in your everyday email.

Xink gives you two options for email signature management: Xink Brand, which gives you full brand control over your company email signatures, and Xink Campaign, that gives you all the brand benefits plus marketing campaign possibilities.


The Benefits of Xink Brand

So what are the brand benefits of Xink? In all simplicity, it is everything around ensuring your brand in your email communications.

These are the main benefits of Xink Brand:


Xink Campaign – For Targeted Marketing in Email Signatures

What is an email signature campaign or email signature marketing, if we use another term? Simply put, it is all the information you add below your email signature (or above if you wish). It is marketing information, email banners or advertisements you want your recipients to see.

Email signature campaigns are a great way to engage with your recipients. Always include a call-to-action in the campaign to get clicks to your website, your blog, specific campaigns, surveys, social media pages etc.

Here is an example of a marketing message where you want the recipient to take action:

Take action email signature

Here is an example of an email signature campaign to get recipients to leave a review by clicking on the survey link:

Campaign email signature

Learn more about email signature marketing in this ebook!

The built-in analytics tool in the Xink platform gives you the all the statistics, click information, geolocation on clicks and even the possibility to promote the users creating the most traffic to your company website or web campaign page.

Take a closer look at email signature analytics in our ebook!


Get More Out of Your Signatures with Xink Campaign

Xink Campaign is a great choice if you want to get even more out of your email signatures than overall brand control across devices. With Xink Campaign you get:


Here are a few screenshots from Xink Campaign:

Xink platform campaign click through

Real-time statistics of campaigns, click-throughs, click-through rate and views.


Xink platform OS

Get information about your recipients’ preferred OS.

Xink platform email client

Find out how recipients open your emails and on which device.


More Information about Xink Brand or Xink Campaign

We provide a full overview of our transparent pricing of Xink Brand or Xink Campaign – no surprises and you only pay for the number of users. Check our online comparison chart and pricing.

So if you are already a Xink Brand user, why not try the benefits of Xink Campaign too? It will help you get even more out of your everyday emails. Contact your Xink account manager today or write to us!